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happy-fridayI know, you probably are reading this post thinking—what does SEO have to do with Good Friday? Absolutely nothing as a matter of fact, but I figured I’d take advantage of today and write a little ditty about all the good things Friday brings to the world of SEO. If anything, at least you will have some sites to peruse while waiting for your 9-5′er week to end.

Our friends over at SEOmoz have their weekly Whiteboard Friday’s. Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz, provides video every Friday on a variety of topics. In the recent past he’s gone over: differentiating your SEO services, cloaking, how to get awesome links, and the importance of link quality.
Free tip Friday from Buy By Mom is a great resource as well. While some of her tips are standard industry knowledge, she does seem to have a few videos integrated into her site that always draw in my attention. is also a great source for industry news. offers a Friday Blogroll detailing the best blogs of the week.
Avid Twitter users know about Follow Friday’s on Twitter. Every Friday users will recommend peeps that are ‘follow’ worthy by sending a tweet with their information. Many re-tweet (RT) other’s recommendations to share with their own followers. Near the end of the tweet a hashtag is entered, #followfriday, to designate the subject.
How does this help you with SEO? Many have expressed the value of Twitter for marketing. Once you are fully convinced you need to get an account, you’ll need to find people to "follow" who will hopefully "follow" you back. That’s where Follow Friday comes in. Many sites keep track of Twitter hashtags, and simply going into a Follow Friday page will give you an infinite number of Twits to follow—click @username, "follow", repeat. Hashtags can be utilized for SEO purposes as well to categorize tweets and for branding.
So, on this Good Friday be productive and take the time to keep up with all that is new in the world of SEO. And remember, every Friday is a good Friday for SEO!

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  1. Steve Says:

    Wow, another post about Twitter? Vertical Measures is really part of the Twitter bandwagon at this point. I don't blame you of course, I have Twitter integrated into several social activities that I engage in online.

    Another thing about Fridays, is that many popular blogs choose to publish guest posts on Friday, or they have some other sort of Friday special event. Hopefully some other readers will respond with other great online Friday traditions.

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