Link Building Packages

Link Building Packages

Links can be one of the most important aspects of internet marketing efforts.  Think of it like this… every time you get a link back to your site, it counts like a tally in favor of your site’s credibility. In the ‘eyes’ of search engines, the more tallies you have, the more authoritative and legitimate your site becomes. Oftentimes, these link tallies can be the deciding factor between a search engine ranking on the 2nd page of search results, or near the top of the 1st page. Your rankings determine how many visitors may reach your site…so all in all, links are crucial to your business!

Customization is Key

When putting together link building packages, Vertical Measures creates custom programs and processes depending on your company’s current SERP (Search Engine Results Page) standing, goals, relevance, and more. You won’t find any cut and dry techniques here. Instead, you’ll get a personalized analysis of your website’s standing, strategy and goals to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Interesting in learning more?

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How Does This Work?

So, how exactly do we build links for your website? We literally have over 100 different methods we use, but most fall into one of two categories: “targeted building” and “link attraction.” The former includes methods where we can submit content, purchase an ad, make a request, etc. and generate a link. The second, and perhaps more valuable type of link building is “link attraction.” This typically deals with creating content, having a special offer, holding a contest or some other type of campaign that generates buzz and captures the interest of the people in your industry who blog, tweet and share content (and links) online.

Regardless of the verbiage, we create and execute campaigns to get people interested in your website and discussing it online, in such a way that they link to it naturally, thus helping your internet marketing goals get achieved.

What Do you Do?

If you really want to get down to the details of the “what” to our “how,” we’ll tell you! We’ll create and distribute bylined guest articles, create and distribute relevant online press releases, network with bloggers, create magnetic content, interact with social media sites and also collaborate with your current network to maximize the quantity and quality of inbound links to your website.

To go a step further, we’ll also carefully analyze what websites are linking to your competitors, and then identify and procure links on those websites. Anything we can do to get you as many reputable, quality inbound links to your website to drive traffic and boost your search engine rankings is fair game. And of course, our approach will also be customized to your needs – as we optimize for quality of links, quantity of links, relevance, anchor text, referral traffic, contextual presence and just about any other criteria one can consider when it comes to links!

Link Building Packages

The packages we can custom tailor to your business and website are, but not limited to:

Advanced Link Building

Uses our content placement resources and proprietary outreach process

Targeted Link Research

A strategy building service with outreach based on goals and keyword focus

Resource Page Link Building Package

A custom piece of content that is created to generate great quality and organic links

Infographic Link Building Package

A custom designed infographic that attracts natural links through content placement on your website

Competitive Link Research

We look at how your competitors are doing and compare to your own performance. This helps identify strong goals for your strategy.