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June 22nd, 2010 • By:  • Link Bait

Link Building Cruise CartoonAfter two weeks of travelling from Phoenix to Seattle, where I presented at SMX Advanced, to Alaska, where I took a lovely cruise with my wife Andi and had little to no access to Internet, and then down to LA, where I presented at OMS, now I am back in Phoenix in the Vertical Measures office and excited to share my experiences. My amazing staff held down the fort and was kind enough to create a mural for me of what they imagined my trip was like.

So now it’s back to business as I recap my day at OMS in Los Angeles. For this occasion, I presented Social Media for SEO and Link Building. In this presentation, I emphasized the importance of optimizing your social media profiles for search, the fact that real-time search includes social media results and also touched on which industry specific sites might be best utilized as a part of your social media campaign and how to leverage these sites for link building. But, probably my most important point is that if you own a website you must understand that you are now a publisher and you must focus on publishing content that informs or entertains your website visitors. If you do, the links and search rankings will come.Amatuer Link Baiting Cartoon
In addition, I met some great folks from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions including Johnny Chan of EBoost Consulting, a digital marketing consultancy firm, Lisa Leight of Stanton Associates, Hal Rose of Gifts from a Distance, a company that sells unique gifts for women, Arbi Alexandri of Submit Express, Inc., which provides search engine optimization services, Tyler Fraser, a photographer that captures the souls of chess players throughout California, his work titled Kings of California, Jennifer McNally of Discuss Dental, which provides professional teeth whitening, Angela Watford of Project Insight, web project management software  for online project collaboration and task management, and Aliza Bornstein of Melissa Data, a data management software and database company.
All in all, the past two weeks have been exciting with two great conferences that I look forward to year after year and a beautiful and relaxing vacation in between.

Arnie Kuenn

Arnie Kuenn is the president of Vertical Measures and author of Accelerate! Content Development & Marketing to Grow Your Business Online. Vertical Measures provides search, social and content marketing services, designed to help businesses improve their online presence and obtain more traffic and conversions.
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2 Responses to “Link Building Across the West Coast and Back”

  1. Angela Watford Says:

    Arnie, thanks for the mention, and for a very helpful presentation at OMS! Visit us again some time soon!

  2. Arniek Says:

    Hi Angela, mentioned as promised! Always happy to head to CA during the summer :-)

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