Thou Shalt Still Enjoy Good Linkbait

February 8th, 2008 • By:  • Link Bait

I was actually fooled by this when I first saw it in an email I received.  Like many, I thought is was a clever church sign. 

But for some reason I noticed a web address on the sign and realized I had been had… by some very clever linkbait.  Just couldn’t resist making a few signs of my own (below) while demonstrating that not all linkbait needs to be a free calculator or SEO tool

Click to read about Purchased Links

Click for Clever Linkbait - Make a Sign

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One Response to “Thou Shalt Still Enjoy Good Linkbait”

  1. Xocai Says:

    That is definitely a creative angle that I have never heard of before. Instead of justputting the content on your site, and for waiting for people to find you, create some content that you can actually go out and spread on forums, etc.

    You can’t exactly go around posting your linkbait article, but posting images, or some other neat generated script is a different story!

    Thanks — I just got several new ideas from seeing those pictures.

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