Internet Marketing Services in High Demand for Phoenix Company

October 20, 2007 – Phoenix, AZ. Internet marketing specialists Vertical Measures has seen a sharp increase in recent months in the demand for their internet marketing services. Owner Arnie Kuenn attributes the increase to several factors, including the current fierce competition for customers on the Internet. 
Mr. Kuenn notes that in just the past few years Internet marketing has come into its own with increasingly complex and powerful tools for driving customers to specific websites. This complexity has created a demand for specialists who focus on fine-tuning Internet marketing tools to the specific needs of individual clients, since most web-based businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to maximize the potential of Internet marketing opportunities. 
Kuenn explains, "Fifteen years ago, it was relatively simple to get out there on your own and develop a few links, submit an interesting article or two to a few directories and optimize your website. The Internet has come of age since then and Internet marketing tools have kept pace. Now websites have to constantly update their content and find new ways to drive traffic to their sites. Business owners are busy running their business and don’t have the time to do this much research. They turn to internet marketing firms like Vertical Measures for the results they need." 
Vertical Measures, based in Phoenix, offers a complete menu of Internet marketing services for small and large businesses. Their staff of professional writers, researchers and Internet marketing specialists has developed unique programs that put the company in high demand with clients across the country. 
Arnie Kuenn is pleased with the demand for his company’s services, observing, "There are other Internet marketing firms out there, but Vertical Measures is growing quickly to meet an incredible demand for our services. I believe we are so successful because of the quality of what we offer. We’ve been in this business since Internet marketing was just beginning, so we have grown and learned over the years. That experience shows and our customers benefit from it. Our reliability and personal attention inspire client loyalty, and that loyalty translates to great word-of-mouth. We are obviously doing lots of things right or we wouldn’t be in such demand."
Vertical Measures is an Internet marketing firm based in Phoenix that offers full-service Internet marketing solutions. Services include search engine optimization, lead generation, link building and pay-per-click consulting. For more information, visit

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