SEO Horror Stories: Search, Social and Content Tricks to Avoid

October 25th, 2012 • By:  • Internet Marketing

SEO Horror Stories

Take heed SEOs and Internet marketers, social media gurus and content mavens: you may be undone by your unwise missteps. This Halloween, take a moment to be sure your well-meaning treats don’t turn into tricks, lest the diabolical consequences befall you.

Not Optimizing Google Author Rank

Website Duplicate Content

Exact Anchor Text Over-Optimization

Spammy Links and Panda

Website Crawling and Indexing Problems

Neglected Social Media

No Header Tags

Not Tracking Website Analytics

Keyword Stuffing

Has your SEO plan been bedeviled and haunted?
Leave a comment below so your successes are flaunted!

Erin Pritchard

As a Graphic Designer, Erin designs flyers, blog post headers, free guides, and infographics for a variety of clients. Working with the creative team at Vertical Measures, her involvement in the design process begins with brainstorming, conceptualization, and research. She combines these elements to create a finished product that fulfills the clients’ needs.

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4 Responses to “SEO Horror Stories: Search, Social and Content Tricks to Avoid”

  1. Sourav Sharma Says:

    Nice graphical representation…

  2. Amy Fowler Says:

    This is brilliant Erin; it must’ve taken you ages!

  3. Nick Stamoulis Says:

    Many times a simple misplacement of a punctuation mark can turn a URL into a bad link. Sometimes you want to end a sentence with a URL such as “for more information, please visit . The period at the end of the sentence can turn the URL into a broken link which is why we always make sure there is an extra space between the URL and the period.

  4. Mark Weyland Says:

    Really nice graphics. Such true facts presented in colourful graphical way to drive the idea home on bad SEO procedures . And pretty good rhyming too. It is really an eye opener on what things are to be avoided for overall good SEO marketing practices. I personally agree and like the parts about duplicate content, neglected social media and indexing problem.

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