30 Sep 2008

The Pros & Cons of Google Chrome. What have you found?

Guest Post By Chris von Nieda

Google Chrome is Google’s answer to Web Browsing.  In this article I’ll tell you a little about the new browser, what I like and what I don’t like and provide a few related links you may find useful.  Please help us make this article a valuable resource and submit your comments and opinions as well below!

Wikipedia describes it as a free web browser developed by Google. The name is derived from the graphical user interface frame, or “chrome”, of web browsers. A beta version for Microsoft Windows was released on 2 September 2008 in 43 languages.  Google promotes it like this: “Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.”

One of my main concerns with trying Chrome (and others shared my concern) was how much information Chrome sends back to Google about you or your web activities. Google’s own Matt Cutts wrote a great blog post that addresses that specific concern called: Preventing Paranoia, When does Google Chrome talk to Google.com

Here are the main features explained:

Each tab is a separate process: Unlike the other browsers each new tab you open runs individually of the others.  That way if a page or web application crashes it doesn’t affect the other tabs.  You just close the offending tab and continue browsing!

One box for search and web addresses: Google calls this “Omni box”.  No longer do you search from one box and enter URL’s in another.  You use the Omni box for everything INCLUDING running a search on Yahoo, Live.com or any other search engine.  Just start typing Yahoo.com and then hit your tab key and you will see what I mean.

Home page: When you first open Chrome you see 9 thumbnails of your most recent or most regularly used websites.  In addition to the right of that you’ll see links to recent bookmarks you created and a search box for Yahoo and Live Search

Dynamic tabs: Like the other browsers you can reorder the tabs by dragging them, however Chrome does it smoother. In addition you can drag a tab outside of Chrome (say to your desk top or other application) and Chrome will turn it in to its own window.  You can also drag it back to the main application.

Incognito mode:  Apparently the other browsers are working on this feature as well but when in Incognito mode, pages you view in this window won’t appear in your browser history or search history, and they won’t leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however.

Task manager: Chrome has a built in task manager that shows information about each tabs resource usage.  To see it just hit Ctrl + Esc.

Application Shortcuts: This one is very cool.  Let’s say you use Gmail daily or another “web application”.  Chrome gives you the ability to create a shortcut to that URL as a Favorite, Desktop shortcut or Quick launch bar in windows. But that’s not all, the reason they call it an application shortcut is because it creates a special browser window with no menu, address bar or tabs. It acts as an application would versus a webpage.

Faster bookmarking: Bookmark pages faster than ever.  Just click the star Icon next to the Omni box.  You can also create “folders” right on the bookmarks bar

Status bar Auto hides: In order to maximize the available space for viewing your web pages Chrome only shows the status bar along the bottom when needed, otherwise it auto hides.

Simpler downloads: When you download a file from a website, the downloads bar appears at the bottom of the tab where you can monitor the progress of your downloading file. The file button indicates how much time remains for the download. An arrow appears in the tab to signify a download in progress. Once the download is complete you can drag it to your desktop, open it or save it with one click.

What are the pros and cons of Google Chrome?



Tabs load and switch very fast It doesn’t show page titles at the top (or anywhere)
Chrome makes searching other search engines fast and easy There currently is no support for add-ons
Chrome opens fast and overall performance is excellent There are no skins currently available to change the color scheme except the default light blue however I’m guessing this will change.
Open Source so other browsers can learn from it No support for Google toolbar as of yet
Has “saved username/password” feature to quickly view or look up login details for various sites

Link Building and SEO with Chrome:

So what does all this mean for SEO and Link Building?  Google claims if your web pages look ok in Opera they will look ok in Chrome so don’t run out and revamp your entire site.  However, Interest is high with Chrome so you if you are a website owner or Webmaster you may want to start testing your site(s) in Chrome and read Google Chrome FAQ for Webmasters

For all you Link Builders out there…Chrome does not currently support the Google Toolbar (crazy huh?) and all the valuable add-ons Firefox supports that we all have come to love and use daily so don’t go uninstalling Firefox yet because I’m sure it’s coming.  In the mean time here is a very fast and easy work around for adding some Link building/SEO tools to Chrome similar to what is available in Firefox: Google Toolbar for Google Chrome

Overall I like Chrome and I think it will become a major player in the browser space.  Tell us what you think about it?



  • Chris Lang Sep 30, 2008


    I feel that Chrome is here to help integrate Friend Connect and the Google Social Network into a browser.

    Just like Android is being released for the same reason.

    Mainly, Chrome compiles AJAX much faster than FireFox or IE and Friend Connect runs totally on AJAX.

    I expect to see Chrome integrate social features from Friend Connect directly into the browser as Android phones will too.

    Also the Android mobile browser compiles AJAX and hence JavaScript, something no other browser does. True, Opera Mini runs JavaScript but it starts throwing “out of memory” errors shortly there after.

    The bottom line is that Chrome and Chrome mobile are about Friend Connect more than anything else. Google is just hiding the fact.

    Friend Connect will roll out on Blogger any day now and you will begin to see what I mean.

    Oh, I also forgot, Chrome mobile runs Flash and what Google property runs on Flash video?

    I expect Friend Connect to come to that flash based video site soon after Blogger.

    Imagine that…

  • Chris von Nieda Oct 01, 2008

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the note. Normally I might agree with what you said but when I was writing this article I came across this other post from Matt Cutts and it was pretty enlightening about Google and their motivations. Check it out when you have time:


    – Chris

  • PMB Oct 04, 2008

    I think a lot of people do have a misunderstanding about how much information is being shared between chrome and Google. The links you have provided in this article will help to calm their insecurities. Thank you.

  • Semi trucks Oct 05, 2008

    Mr. Chris Lang I think you are right that Google chrome browser is faster then other browser, but I like Firefox because I found some errors in new Google chrome. Thanks

  • Roger Hamilton Oct 08, 2008

    I believe Chrome will get a decent share of the browser market in the future. It is faster but it isn’t as feature rich as the other browsers like Firefox at the moment. Thanks for the article by the way!

  • C.B. Constant Jul 31, 2009

    I don’t understand much of this.

    Is Google Chrome a better way to use the Internet than is Internet Explorer?

    OR, is it just “another little gimmick”?

    I tried Firefox a few years ago and it totally screwed up my computer. Took me ages to get rid of all the “crap” it installed on my machine!

    Would Google Chrome also create this kind of havoc for me?

    I’ve tried to find the Pros and Cons of Google Chrome and haven’t found an “intelligible” article YET.

    All the articles I’ve read ASSUME a high degree of computer literacy, which I certainly DON’T HAVE.

    So WHAT IS the reality of using this “new browser”. Is it “Novice-Friendly” or just something for “Techno-Geniuses”?????

  • Chris Lang Feb 09, 2010

    Just got your newsletter on Google Chrome. Interesting to look back at what we all said in 2008.

    Now we see that Google is releasing a Google OS based on chrome and online applications.

    Now we also see Chrome coming in at as much as 40% faster than other browsers, more secure because it does not allow toolbars and way more stable in high end online apps like Google Wave.

    Then we see IE continue to NOT support standards, run poorly using HTML 5 apps and AJAX based pages and Android become the most popular new phone and challenging the iPhone directly and Google Friend Connect turns out not to be a toy but a very high end marketing tool.

    Interesting how things have turned out Google.

  • Kaila S. Feb 09, 2010

    Indeed, it is interesting to see what we all said in 2008 and how it compares to today. Google has come a long way, and I’m sure they plan to continue making Waves in the industry. Thanks for your comment on this post.

  • Karen Nov 13, 2010

    Well as long as you never want to uninstall it, it might be okay, I uinstalled it because it did not have tab browsing, I could not open a pdf file with it, it did not run all of the programs I use, and it was slow, and it hung up my computer.

    Now my outlook will not open any links, I just get an error that the link is restricted and call my administrator – I checked the entries in my regedit to make sure that they did not say Chrom (html, etc) and they do not, but that has not fixed it.

    In short Google chrome is not any better than a virus that hijacks your computer