06 May 2011

35 Great Takeaways from the Agencyside Digital Media Seminar

Digital Media Seminar Takeaways

Last week three of us from Vertical Measures (Kaila Strong @cliquekaila, Pel Abbott @pelabbott and myself @azardie), attended a two-day seminar so that we can stay digitally-savvy. The “Back in the Black” seminar was presented by Agencyside and boasted a lineup of over 15 presenters. We became immersed in all things digital and came away with a better understanding of where the digital world is now, and where it’s heading in the future. Here are my top 35 takeaways from the seminar:

  1. Don’t get too attached to QR codes. NFC (Near Field Communication) is taking over. (Bret Giles @bretgiles, agencyside)
  2. Be a POSTR child:  Focus on People (who’s your target audience), Objectives (define them), Strategies (how are you going to meet your objectives), Tactics (what are you going to do to meet your objectives), Results (do some measuring). (Josh Yeager, Double Dutch & Co.)
  3. You need to be a generalist and a specialist. Take your passions and become an expert. (Josh Yeager)
  4. Learn the “rules of engagement,” or “netiquette.” Don’t spam—you can smell a fake from a mile away. (Josh Yeager)
  5. People love to talk about themselves; invite experts to lunch and learn from them. (Josh Yeager)
  6. Consumers are marketing to consumers (Yelp, social media, blogs, etc.) Everyone has a voice, should you be afraid? (Jay Feitlinger @jayfeitlinger, StringCan Interactive)
  7. A year ago people spent the most online time on email, now it’s social media—mostly on Facebook. (Jay Feitlinger)
  8. Facebook as a country is the third largest behind China and India with 600 + million users. Facebook may hit the one billion mark by the end of the year. (Jay Feitlinger)
  9. You need to monitor what people are saying about you. There are 140,000,000 tweets per day and 160,000,000 blogs. (Jay Feitlinger)
  10. In 2010 mobile subscribers grew to 5.3 billion. (Jay Feitlinger)
  11. Google still owns about 66% of the search market, and YouTube is the second largest search engine. (Jay Feitlinger)
  12. 95% of your website visitors don’t convert on the first visit. (Mark Hayden @markhayden, AIR Marketing)
  13. Watch your competition; put your own spin on what they do. (Mark Hayden)
  14. Drive traffic to and from Facebook; use Open Graph. (Mark Hayden)
  15. People are using Facebook and Google/Yahoo/Bing images to search for products. (Scott Kaufmann @skaufmann, Lucid Agency)
  16. Email marketing is still growing. It’s a great retention tactic. (Chris Sietsema @sietsema, Teach to Fish Digital)
  17. By 2013, 50% of web traffic will come through a mobile device. Is your site ready? (Michael Barber @michaeljbarber, Defero)
  18. 91% of mobile users consume social media. (Michael Barber)
  19. Mobile is like an everything bagel. There are so many different devices—phones, tablets, etc. (Michael Barber)
  20. Three common Facebook mistakes companies make: (1) No social media strategy (2) Too much selling and broadcasting—instead provide engaging content (3) Breaking the rules—profile vs. page and promotion guidelines. (Jay Feitlinger)
  21. Use CPR for social media: Content—The #1 searched phrase in Google is “how to”, use this and provide this assistance. People—Get to know your target  audience, listen to the “uservoice” and create a community such as My Starbucks Idea. Relevence—You should endeavor to answer questions or solve problems and entertain your target audience. (Josh Yeager)
  22. Foursquare has 7 million users. There were 381 million check-ins in 2010. (Chris Book @chrisbook, Chatterplug)
  23. There are no off days at your company. You’re on display at all times. (Chris Book)
  24. Companies should figure out how to monetize the “Like” button. The button is being added to 10,000 sites each day. (Jay Feitlinger)
  25. Facebook credits are used by 53% of Facebook users to play 350 social games. These credits can also be used to buy real world items. Facebook has the potential to become the loyalty and rewards program of the future. (Jay Feitlinger)
  26. Content Lifecyle = Goals -> Assets -> Audiences -> Editorial Plan -> Creation -> Governance. (Sara Wachter-Boettcher  @sara_ann_marie, Off Madison Ave.)
  27. Get mobile under your belt now. Build tools, not ads. (Chris Book)
  28. The secret to getting ROI out of social media is data. (Andrew Bagley @andrewbagley, Sitewire)
  29. 78% of people trust recommendations of other consumers. (Michael Barber)
  30. YouTube is now connecting with Facebook accounts to collect data and customize experiences; an example is Desperados Beer on YouTube. (Michael Barber)
  31. Consumers are spending almost one-third of their time on the internet, but advertisers are allocating only around 13-14% of their dollars to it. (Steve Koch @mistakoch, Sitewire & Jay Feitlinger)
  32. Become a publisher and think like a publisher. (Bret Giles & Lacey Brown @laceyfrench, agencyside)
  33. Learn to monetize Facebook. (Bret Giles & Lacey Brown)
  34. Make your site mobile-ready and tablet-friendly! (Bret Giles & Lacey Brown)
  35. Read up on NFC, screen convergence and HTML 5; they’re coming. (Bret Giles & Lacey Brown)

We were given a lot of statistics and many ideas for everything from internet marketing services to digital billboards. But the two main points that stick with me above all else is that your company needs to have an active Facebook page and your website needs to have an engaging mobile version. Get busy!