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14 Dec 2011

Best of 2011 Vertical Measures Staff Guest Posts

December 14, 2011Guest Blogging

Best of 2011 Vertical Measures Staff Guest Posts

Most of the staff here at Vertical Measures contribute to this blog on a regular basis. In addition, some of the staff likes to share their expertise through guest posts. That is, they write posts that are placed on other sites. Sounds like a lot of work; but there are many benefits for everyone involved. The blogs, or sites, the posts are placed on are able to provide fresh new content to their visitors. For the guest bloggers, here are 20+ Reasons Why You Need to Start Guest Blogging.

This post highlights a collection of the best guest posts, mentions or quotes of 2011 from the VM staff, just in case you missed them, or if you’d like to revisit!

Mike HuberMike Huber

The Four Basic Strategies to Get More Business from Your Website:  This post provides ideas for building traffic, optimizing for conversions, increasing your average sale and increasing your sales frequency.





 Sarah MoraesSarah Moraes

Use the “Triangle of Relevance” to take your content from good to great:  Sarah is quoted, “Just as you provide information about your products and services, provide information about your location and the community.”

7 Ways To Create Content Within Your Organization: Tips for inspiring your team to come up with ideas and concepts for content.



David GouldDavid Gould

 How to Use Google Authorship:  Information on using the rel=”author” attribute that Google announced back in June. This provides a way to link an author with their content.




Michael SchwartzMichael Schwartz

Link Building Agency Interview: Arnie Kuenn and Michael Schwartz of Vertical Measures:  This interview showcases both Arnie Kuenn and Michael Schwartz as they answer questions about link building services, campaigns and tools.





Sarah Schager

Cyber Monday Offers Huge Opportunity, Even for Small Business:  Sarah is quoted, “Properly optimized websites can, and do, outrank the larger sites every day.”

Tips to Maximize Your Cyber Monday Potential:  Sarah is quoted, “Following up with customer sis vital to building your brand. A one-time sale is great, but a lifelong customer is better.”



Kaila StrongKaila Strong

Link building best practices: Advice from four experts:  Kaila, as one of four experts in the field, answers questions about link building best practices.

“I SERPd It On The Web” The SEO Show #3 Meet Kaila Strong:  Kaila was featured on this broadcast where she spoke about ranking in Facebook, Facebook for business, Google algorithm changes, link building best practices and social media.

Optimizing for Google News with Kaila Strong:  This edition of SEO Chat featured Kaila answering questions about optimizing content for ranking in Google News.

Author Page – Examiner.com:  As a regular guest blogger, Kaila has several posts on this site. The posts include:  Avoiding Cyber Grinch – Tips to Shop and Sell Safely, Marketing Your Wedding Venue – 4 Tips, Restaurant Online Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season, and Preparing for the holiday rush: Online customer service.

Have You Claimed Your Local Business Listing On These 21 Sites?:  This post features 21 sites that are great for reviews, sharing and local listings. You better check this out; is your site on these listings?

6 Ways You Can Use Google+ to Build Authority:  Building off of the Vertical Measures’ Authority Building Machine Infographic Kaila expands on how to use Google+ to build up the authority of your site.

Search Engine Watch Author Page:  As a guest blogger since June of 2010, there is a large collection of posts on Kaila’s author page.

5 Content Pieces That Can Help You Build Site Authority:  This post highlights different forms of content that can help build the authority of your site, thus increasing the number of targeted visitors as well.

3 Ways to Use Twitter to Improve Customer Service:  Using Twitter to help manage customer service can be done, but you must be quick to respond.

4 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Website:  LinkedIn is usually a forgotten resource when it comes to website promotion. This post suggests way to use it to your advantage.

Arnie KuennArnie Kuenn

Developing Your Content Marketing Mindset:  This post explains the fact that if you have a website then you are a publisher. Tips are also provided for getting your whole company involved in the content creation process.

Potential Customers Are Telling You How to Market to Them:  The importance of creating engaging content cannot be underestimated.

Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures:  In this video, Arnie speaks briefly about presenting content in many different forms and introduces his book, Accelerate! Moving Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing.

The Shift to Content Marketing – Understand What Is Happening:  People don’t use a phone book any more when they are looking for a product or service; they search online. With 543 million searches done per day, do you have great content out there for these searches?

Top 9 Content Marketing Resources for 2011:  Arnie provides a list of nine great resources that can be utilized to learn about content marketing.

Finally, we would like to give a shout out to this blog, Success Works Powerful SEO Copywriting, who often puts Vertical Measures’ posts in their weekly roundup.

Have you thought ahead to 2012? Do you plan on creating some of these mutually beneficial relationships that are great for your site and your writing skills? Guest blogging is a win win situation.