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12 Jul 2010

10 Reasons for Guest Blogging

Why you should write guest blogs and why your blog should accept guest posts

Have you ever considered writing a guest blog, or featuring a guest post on your blog?  If so, here are some reasons to consider guest blogging.

5 Reasons Why You Should Guest Blog

  1. Branding. Whether you’re branding yourself or your company, the more your brand is mentioned in your industry, the better.  Brand recognition is something to strive for as you differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  2. Traffic. By writing a guest post on someone’s blog you are providing a way for people to find you and your site and the competition for traffic is fierce.  After all, traffic could lead to conversions, which is usually the ultimate goal.
  3. Links. When you contribute to a blog, you link back to your own site.  To gain exposure in your niche, you need backlinks.  Also, as backlinks help boost search engine rankings, guest blogging serves as a great opportunity to get those links.
  4. Relationships.  Writing a guest post not only allows you to form a relationship with a fellow blogger, but also with everyone who reads that blog.  Your post may spark conversation within your industry and as a result, you could build many contacts.    Guest blogging is a great way to expand your network while sharing useful information with like-minded people.
  5. Reputation. If you write a useful blog, you have the opportunity to build your reputation as an expert in your field.  Then readers and others in your niche will identify with your expert status.

5 Reasons Why You Should Feature Guest Posts on Your Blog

  1. Content. Yes, we all know content is king.  But featuring posts from outside bloggers provides you with free, current content.  Maybe you are going out of town and don’t have time to post for a week.  It could be beneficial to feature a guest post so that you are frequently providing your readers with new content.
  2. Perspective. Though the guest blogger is most likely an expert in your industry, he or she may have a different point of view on a certain topic.  Give your readers something to talk about by featuring a range of perspectives on your blog.
  3. Relationships. Reaching out to others in your industry and featuring their posts on your blog can be the foundation of a great relationship.  It is important to connect with experts on your industry and gain knowledge from them.
  4. Learn. Perhaps readers have a question about something in or related to your niche, but you aren’t an expert on the subject.  Having another specialist write a post for your blog to answer the question would be appreciated by your readers, and you can learn something as well.
  5. Why not? In my opinion, the positive aspects of featuring guest posts outweigh the negative, if any.  If you allow a trusted expert to post on your blog, it will benefit you and your readers.