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10 Mar 2009

Brands In Search Results, Matt Cutts Sheds Some Light

A recent blog post by Aaron Wall at SEOBook suggested that Google made an Algorithm change that puts more importance on "Brands" in Search Results.  It created quite a riff in the SEO community and there is an ongoing discussion about it there if you want to check it out and participate. 
Matt Cutts of Google responded with this short informative video setting the record straight.  I won’t steal his thunder but he did admit there was a recent change.  He DOES maintain that emphasis is NOT being placed on brands.  Their philosophy is to provide the highest quality search results based on things like "Trust", "Authority", "Reputation" and the good ole mysterious "page rank". Is it just me or does it seem like Google can’t make up their mind if page rank matters or not?  We at Vertical Measures don’t see any reason to stop building great links for our clients.  Here’s the video: