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15 Jul 2008

Sports Link Building – DoFollow Tuesdays

DoFollow TagsEvery Tuesday we pick a vertical market based on the number of votes a market receives at our Vertical Market Poll. This week it is the Sports market.  Based on the voting, this is not sporting goods stores, but sites about sports.  We invite all of you out there to post (in the comments) a specific link building recommendation for the sports market (a good directory, authority website, blog, link search, etc.). If it adds value, we will approve it, give you the credit and a “dofollow” link to your site. However, we will just delete stupid, irrelevant, spammy comments – only truly useful information will be allowed. 

It’s been a rather busy few days here and I have to admit, I am rushing to get this post finished.  But, in a way, those of you looking for sports links may benefit from my hurried approach.  You see rather than thoroughly investigating each resource, and taking the time to coach you on how to go about getting links, I am just going to list some sites that already offer links to sports related websites.  As always, you need good content and a reason for them to link to you.  But if you have it, there are a few gems below — including a PR7 and PR6 site.  So go forth and get your sports sites listed!







Oh and remember one of the best things you can do is ask your friends for links.  Well we have a good friend working on a few sports sites.  So we’re going to share a little link love with him: Sports Scholarships and  Start Young Play Strong.  There you go Chuck! 

Now lets hear from the rest of you. Place your advice for link building for the sports market in the comments below. Those that are accepted will get a nice "dofollow" link from us.

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