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10 Jun 2008

Golf Course Links – “DoFollow” Tuesdays

DoFollow LinksWelcome to “Do Follow” Tuesdays. To read what this is all about, you can check our announcement post.   Be sure to vote for your market today! **VOTE HERE**  

In summary, every Tuesday we pick a vertical market based on the number of votes a market receives at our Vertical Market Poll. This week it is the Golf Course market.  We invite all of you out there to post in the comments a specific link building recommendation for the golf course market (a good directory, authority website, blog, link search, etc.). If it adds value, we will approve it, give you the credit and a “do follow” link to your site. However, we will just delete stupid, irrelevant, spammy comments – only truly useful information will be allowed. 

This week’s suggestion from our staff is based on the "teach a man to fish" theory.  Below are some examples of searches you can conduct to find good golf course links (get it?).  Set aside 15 minutes to try these searches, you will be amazed at what you will find.  We have even provided some commentary on what we found with each search.

We ran a search for one .edu, .org, .gov and .com in the examples listed below.  So you can image how many options there will be if you rotate through all of four of those extensions, and make them regionalized by adding your state or city. 

site:.org "Arizona golf courses" – 1,510 results on Google, we found a few nice opportunities right on the first page
site:.edu "golf course directory" – 66 results on Google, many look promising
site:.gov "golf course" "resources page" – 116 results on Google, not the best, but some look promising
site:.com "list of golf courses" – 28,800 results on Google, we didn’t bother looking – that should be enough to keep you busy!

Conduct those searches on Google, Yahoo & MSN and click through the results.  Look for quality sites, you don’t want to be associated with huge link pages or spammy sites.

OK, now lets hear from the rest of you. Place your suggestions for link building for the golf course market in the comments below. Those that are accepted will get a nice "do follow" link from us.

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  • Mickey Jun 12, 2008

    Here’s a good one for golf course owners:


    There’s a huge list of courses, all of which have various maps (Google Maps, Virtual Earth, Google Earth, etc), with dofollow links to the course homepages.