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24 Apr 2008

Announcing “DoFollow” Tuesdays

Do Follow TuesdaysHere at Link Building Best Practices, we are all about helping people find good, quality links for their website. We tossed around several ideas on how to best achieve that goal.

We thought we might focus on vertical markets each month and ask expert link builders like Loren Baker, Sugar RaeAnn Smarty, Wiep KnolDebra MastalerJustilien Gaspard, Bob Gladstein, Todd Malicoat, Andy Hagans, &  Sage Lewis to contribute suggestions on how to best go about getting links in that specific vertical market. But, since everyone is so busy, we figured we could only accomplish that once a month and it would take forever to get to all the vertical markets out there. 

We also had a pretty popular post with more than 200 comments when we offered a “free, do follow link” to anyone who left a non-spammy comment. That got us thinking that at least people would take the time to comment if there was a little reward in if for them (no kidding – right).
We already new about Rand’s “Whiteboard Friday’s” (we posted one here) and the other day we ran across Comment Friday on Blog About Your Blog. Which was our “light bulb” moment. What if we blended all this together?
The result is “Do Follow” Tuesdays and here is how it will work:
  • Every Tuesday we will pick a vertical market based on the number of votes a market gets at our Vertical Market Poll.
  • Link Building Best Practices will put up a post introducing the niche with one of our own suggestions on how to get a good link in that specific vertical market.
  • We will then invite all of you out there to post in the comments a specific link building recommendation for that vertical market (a good directory, authority website, blog, article site, ezine, forum, link search, etc.). If it adds value, we will approve it, give you the credit, as well as a “do follow” link to your site.
  • However, we will just delete stupid, irrelevant, spammy comments – only truly useful information will be allowed.
  • We will keep doing this for as long as the community participates. So please spread the word!
  • Over the course of one year, we should be able to cover a lot of vertical markets

So make sure you sign up for our email or RSS feed so that you are alerted every time a new vertical market is covered. Even if we are not focusing on your niche, you just might see a pretty creative idea that will trigger a thought for your market. It all starts next Tuesday!

Vote for your Vertical Market today! VOTE HERE 

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  • Matthew Apr 24, 2008

    thanks for the mention, Im glad you like the idea. Good luck with yours!

  • Ann Smarty Apr 25, 2008

    Sounds like a great idea! Will be looking forward to your posts. Thanks for mentioning me btw.

  • Ammon Johns Apr 25, 2008

    Perfectly acceptable, since your proviso of “If it adds value, we will approve it” is precisely the kind of editorial process required for links, and NOFOLLOW was created for links that did not have any such process of quality control in place.

    Of course, google made it all murky by asking that all paid links, even those approved under strict editorial quality control, also be marked with NOFOLLOW, not becaue it makes sense to you, or the system as a whole, but purely as a political point against paid links.

    Good luck with the clean links, and I’ll see if I have anything good to add for you in coming weeks. ~ Ammon