10 Good Links You Can Get in the Next 50 Minutes

March 11th, 2008 • By:  • Directories, Link Building, The Basics

Link Building in 10 MinutesWe’re always talking about keeping links fresh and how important it is to keep up with your link building efforts. It’s great to talk about, but it can be daunting after months of trying to generate new and different links that will register well with the search engines. This week we thought we’d give you ten quick ways to add some links so that you can take a breather from the strenuous stuff and still feel good about adding real link value to your site. Each one should not take more than 5 minutes, a total of 50 minutes!
3 Internal Links: Go to your site right now and find three places where you can link your own content to content on another relevant page. This internal linking is often overlooked and is actually a great way to keep people digging deeper within your site. Look for a good keyword phrase on your homepage and link it to an inner page with more information so that readers will stay longer and explore further.
3 Free Directories with Value: In the past we’ve warned against indiscriminate use of directories, but there are some free directories that continue to show some value. Here are three that are consistent performers and that have all been seen in Google backlinks. So click on them and add your site right now.

2 places to Go Local: http://local.yahoo.com and http://register.local.com/free/update.aspx are both local searches that are ideal linking opportunities for small businesses. You get great links and you can draw some added local traffic from the many people who routinely use local searches to find local businesses. Yahoo Local includes customer reviews, maps and blogs as well.   Local.com is a more straightforward listing, but does include business descriptions and you can search by zip code or city.

1 Link Site you should join is LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com. This professional networking website provides you with great access to thousands of other business professionals who are members of the network and allows you to connect with others through affiliations with companies, schools and universities you may have in common with other members. You can give and receive recommendations, discover business opportunities and create multiple links as a member.  It’s free to sign-up and takes only minutes to get through the set up process. Look for me at my LinkedIn profile.

3 Blog Comment Right Here. Yep, all you have to do is add two comments to our site and your third comment (and every one after that), will get a “do follow” link right back to your site. Maybe you can even suggest a couple other places to get a decent link in 5 minutes or less!

For some more great ways to quickly add links to your site, check out the link building tips at WIEP.

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  1. Mickey Says:

    Great suggestions. I’m going to check out those directories right now.

    One other thought is to look for sites that have the WordPress “top commentators” plug-in installed. I’ve got it on a few of mine. It lists the top commentators in the sidebar, and by default the links are not no-followed.

    It might be a neat idea to write a post with a big list of sites like that.

  2. Baby Headbands Says:

    I’m always looking for new ways to get links for sites I’m working on. Thanks for the tip.


  3. Lance Mohr Says:

    Thank you very much for the free tips and advice. It is very helpful.

  4. John Paul Says:

    Thanks for the great suggestions. With so many link farms out there, it’s always helpful to find a few that are worth the time. You might also want to consider adding your link to your digg.com profile if you have one.

  5. Tony Payne Says:

    This is a very helpful list of link possibilities.

  6. DazzlinDonna Says:

    Nice one. Good enough to make me decide to look through the rest of the blog to see what other quality tips you’ve posted. :) Might even need to add you to my feed list.

  7. Kids Wish Network Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions above, and for the no-followed link here ;)

  8. Vertical Measures Says:

    Hey DazzlinDonna – Would love to see you add us to your feed list!

  9. Frank H M Says:

    Thanks for the tips. Found you via Sphinn and will be adding you to the feed reader.

  10. Auto Refinance Says:

    Thanks for the tips. I am always open to new ideas about linking that are not purchased.

    Kate Morris

    Thanks for the LINK ;)

  11. Dan Kenitz Says:

    Nice. At that rate, you’re about 300 links a day!

  12. Justin M Says:

    submitted to all of them. thanks very much :)

  13. SEO Scotland Says:

    Nice quick and easy.

  14. Anthony a.k.a. OldSchoolSEO Says:

    Thanks for sharing those directories. I hope they continue to hold value amidst the growing “directory” controversy. Here is one way to get a quick link: http://www.aboutus.org. Do a search for your URL and if it’s not listed, a wiki page will be created in real time. Network Solutions is now using this source in conjunction with it’s WHOIS listings also.

    P.S. – Thanks for the the comment link. :)

  15. Anthony a.k.a. OldSchoolSEO Says:

    UPDATE: After checking out the directories, I am not impressed with two of them.

    Webtopia – I did not see a “free” option, plus the front page has the “latest and top tags” which seems spam-like to me given what is in the list.

    All Links Directory – I’d say it’s garbage and will likely eventually suffer the “alleged Google Directory penalty”. It’s not a directory because it’s not organized like one. It’s just a list of links and a lame one at that. I looked at the latest links and the first was something about “russian girls” and the next was “online casino garbage”. NOT anything I would associate with (i.e. bad neighborhood) nor would I recommend to a client. And let’s not forget all of the AdSense ads.

    Sorry to kill the buzz, just keeping it real.

  16. Vertical Measures Says:

    Buzz Kill, uh I mean Anthony, looks like you are right about Webtopia – I only checked a couple of categories, but I could not find the free option. Maybe they dropped that option. Still it is only $15 and their backlinks do appear in Google.

    Regarding All Links Directory, I suppose almost all free directories will eventually get hit by Google, again its quick and free and Google is counting it for now.

    We didn’t say these were “hidden gems” nor the highest quality like a BOTW or Yahoo, nor that they would pass incredible link juice, but they do add some value with minimal effort.

    Mostly we were just trying to get people to set aside a few minutes and add some more links rather than procrastinating another day away.

    I appreciate you providing the feedback. That’s what best practices are all about.

  17. Michel Richard Says:

    Not easy these days to find good quality web content. I like your niche and I will read your feeds.

    Recommandation: Look at adding your feed to any feed directory!

  18. Kyle James Says:

    Some nice little tips here. The three recommended directories are worth the read alone. Another article I just read about link building suggested this place with some directories.


  19. marty schmayer Says:

    Good easy info,

  20. Sharon Says:

    - Sharon

  21. Shital Jethva Says:

    good to read such a great article.

    keep it up dude!


  22. LondonHotelsDeal Says:

    Interesting ideas. Keep it coming…!

  23. Hotels Poland Says:

    Great tips, thanks. Although, are not paid directories (if not all) going to be devaluated? Hope not.
    Great website, I’m off to subscribe to rss right now ;)

  24. Simon Dance Says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Internal linking is especially important and something I always try to communicate, coupled of course with managing link flow with the rel= no follow tag.


    Simon Dance

  25. Reynder (seo) Says:

    Please do follow, my leader ;-)

  26. Hillary Smith Says:

    Fantastic comment bait guys! I am clearly going to take advantage.

    Some of my own tips:

    1) Yahoo directory. Not free, but easy and not frowned upon.

    2) Writing a guest post on a related blog in under 50 mins

    3) linkdomain: your competition and see what links they easily secured to a deep link. Write a BETTER page than theirs and either watch the links come in or contact the site owner and request they change their link to yours!

    PS: You have a new subscriber. :)

  27. Free tutorials Says:

    Thanks for the informative post, I’ve just submitted all my sites to the 3 directories.

  28. Xarj Says:

    Nice article! I signed up on the three directories. I hope they’ll add my site.

    I wouldn’t mind having a backlink from your article so here’s my website:


    Thanks! ;-)

  29. Barry Zweibel, GottaGettaCoach! Says:

    Thanks for the tips – AND the link love!

    GottaGettaCoach! Mentoring!


  30. Funeral Home Websites Says:

    I would say proceed with caution when dealing with directories. Even though Google is not currently penalizing those three, that doesn’t mean that they won’t in the future (near or far)! If Google suddenly does start to penalize these directories then your site may also be penalized, so keep an eye on them if you decide to link there. Thank you for the other tips, and for the link as well!

  31. Vertical Measures Says:

    Just wanted everyone to know that we will only approve comments and links to family friendly sites. I just declined one from an escort service and one from an adult site.

    Also, make sure your site is finished too. Had to remove that link on one of the comments.

  32. Spanish property Says:

    Great tips thanks. I’m always looking for ways to get links to my sites without paying, which is getting tougher and tougher these days.

  33. doug Says:

    Thanks for the tips. I am just getting started with the whole seo, link building aspect of running a website and it appears that I have a lot to learn. I’ll spend the next several minutes checking out the rest of your site.

    Social networks, link farms, link directories are not for me.

    Internal links is something I am going to take a look at and I like the blog comments suggestion. So there was my comment.

    Thanks again.

  34. San Diego SEO Services Says:

    Nice list and great suggestions….although, I believe LinkedIn just utilized the nofollow tag on their sites. Has anyone heard different?

  35. Vertical Measures Says:

    Not sure about the ‘no follow’ on LinkedIn. But it is still a great resource to control your reputation management. Plus, I have seen ‘no follows’ provide some link juice — so not a big believer in avoiding those.

  36. Ray Matzker Says:

    Thanks so much for the suggestions and for the link.

  37. Trucking Services Says:

    I’m new to SEO but I do know that free dofollow links are a good thing:) thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

  38. Chris von Nieda Says:

    Great article thanks! I’m going to check out those directories right now!

    Follow me!!!!

  39. Mike Jones Says:

    This is a great article! I have noticed that Linkedin does use a nofollow tag. :-(

  40. Mishef Says:

    Very useful tips, thanks :)

  41. Search Marketing Consultant Says:

    I agree, LinkedIn is a great tool regardless of the nofollow/dofollow. Besides that, Yahoo and MSN still tend to pass the authority via the nofollow links so I would advice still using it as a link building tool.

  42. Legal Forms Says:

    Good article. It’s getting harder and harder to find quality links that are easy to obtain. I would have suggested Flickr, but most Flickr links have been NoFollowed, so that’s out. :(

  43. Joel Pinkham Says:

    I think death to non-human edited directories will come quite shortly.

    When was the last time anybody actually used a directory to find a product or service?


  44. New Zealand Websites Says:

    Very helpful… thank you.

  45. TInch72 Says:

    great! this will hopefully help my company’s web site. I just started taking a more in depth look a at the site and started to create more internal links.

    also, i’m hoping to apply many of these techniques to my blog sites:


  46. Scott Salwolke Says:

    With quality links being so important, this is a very good resource. I look forward to reading other suggestions in the future.

  47. Mike Garner Says:

    Good information. It’s really hard for newer sites to get visibility.

  48. Kel Says:

    Great Post – I love the headline…It drew me in big time…who wouldn’t want 10 new links in the next 50 minutes?

    I’m trying the directories now.



  49. African Safari tour operators Says:

    The problem with the directories you have suggested below is that they require a fee to be listed. I need to register my African safari and vacation tour operator blog but they are asking for a fee. Anyway thanks for sharings

  50. Lori Says:

    Many thanks for the advice and link building tips. Very helpful. Any free advice is always appreciated!

  51. Thomas Kloos Says:

    Thanks for the great post. Getting all those 10 links right now…

  52. Bob Shirilla Says:

    Great article – thanks.

    However, I tried to get a FREE link from
    www-webotopia-org and they wanted money

  53. Warszawa Says:

    Thank you, see you in Warszawa :-)

  54. Nic bastelt Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  55. Pete Says:

    Thanks for the post. Good information.

  56. Shawn Says:

    Thanks, the local information is very useful.

  57. Gyutae Park Says:

    I only count 5, but good methods nonetheless. I would choose different directories as well as the ones you mentioned are probably devalued by the search engines.

  58. Daan Jansonius Says:

    Some great tips. Not a bad way to get people to comment either! ;)

  59. John Connolly Says:

    Thank you for the link tips and for all your good advice. Hopefully I’ll get up to speed on this SEO business and be qualified to give back at some point in the future.

  60. KenJones Says:

    Good tips about some of the ways to build links, but as some of the other commenters have pointed out, those directories do seem a bit sketchy, still beggars can’t be choosers I suppose and if they happen to relate to your own site might still be worth a punt.
    Good reminder about the importance of internal links as well; always a good idea to make your deeper pages as findable as possible.

  61. 123-reg blog Says:

    Interesting. I’m a beginner to this and I haven’t explored directories – is it something I should be looking at, or do the risks outweigh the benefits?

  62. zoekmachine optimalisatie Says:

    Nice post!
    You can also create a lot of blogs on your own and link to your most important site.
    That are not quality links but it helps!

  63. Science News Says:

    I use those free directories frequently fortunately. I don’t think that enough people do actually know about linkedin, which is a shame because it is quite useful for more than just getting links.
    >>My profile
    Add me to your contacts !!

  64. Eric Says:

    Thanks for the open link invitation.

    I just plain had not thought about the local search option because I never search that way. it will be great for a couple of my sites.
    I never look for information from directories but I do list in them.
    Another link building tip would be to write a high quality comment on blogs of people commenting on posts such as this one.

  65. Stop Global Warming Says:

    Mmmmmmmm, do-follow links….


    Thanks for the tips!

  66. supaswag Says:

    The unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long.. we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

    Here’s a list of 49 do-follow forums: http://www.jamesfarrell.eu/blog/49-do-follow-forums/15/

    ..submit [at least] something mildly interesting.

  67. Indonesia Says:

    There are an awful lot of low-hanging fruit out there. The best ones are probably those that let you plug in an RSS feed on your profile page.

  68. Jarvis Says:

    Thanks for the good info (and the link)

  69. Price Comparison Says:

    A good place for links…hmm…now that would be telling.

  70. sam Says:

    Interesting list, although directories are not as relevant/useful as you make out in your article.

  71. tobyism Says:

    The name of the article is kind of misleading, but thanks for the info anyway.

  72. Government Contracting Says:

    Thanks for the great tips (and the link)! Sometimes the best links are right in front of us the whole time.

  73. Room Dividers Says:

    Great Article.

    Another tip is add your link to signatures at forums you participate in.

    I have noticed most of the php forums do not put “nofollow” on their signature links.

  74. Vertical Measures Says:

    To all:
    I must say I am really surprised at all the comments. I sincerely wrote this post with the intent of helping people get links by pointing out a few easy ones. I wasn’t trying to be clever or intentionally create something to draw links. Probably a lesson in there some where.

    Another surprise has been the “push back” on the 3 suggested directories. As I mentioned above, we weren’t trying to provide any “hidden gems” or “amazingly powerful directories”, just a few that we knew where easy to get and that were known to be counted by Google (for now). I guess Webtopia.org is now fee based ($15) so I apologize for the false representation that it is free.

    But to make up for it, there have been plenty of other good suggestions in the comments for additional places to get links.

    Thank you to all of you who understood that this is a forum to help each other out – your suggestions are appreciated. (Like Anthony, Kyle, One Way, supaswag & Web Analytics’ recommendations.)

    Keep ‘em coming! (Only family friendly links tho!)


  75. Vertical Measures Says:

    To all:
    I must say I am really surprised at all the comments. I sincerely wrote this post with the intent of helping people get links by pointing out a few easy ones. I wasn’t trying to be clever or intentionally create something to draw links. Probably a lesson in there some where.

    Another surprise has been the “push back” on the 3 suggested directories. As I mentioned above, we weren’t trying to provide any “hidden gems” or “amazingly powerful directories”, just a few that we knew where easy to get and that were known to be counted by Google (for now). I guess Webtopia.org is now fee based ($15) so I apologize for the false representation that it is free.

    But to make up for it, there have been plenty of other good suggestions in the comments for additional places to get links.

    Thank you to all of you who understood that this is a forum to help each other out – your suggestions are appreciated. (Like Anthony, Kyle, One Way, supaswag & Web Analytics’ recommendations.)

    Keep ‘em coming! (Only family friendly links tho!)


  76. Oregon Retirement Community Says:

    Thanks, got a couple of good ideas out of this one on how to promote the retirement communities I develop for and got inspired to re-invigorate my linked in profile! That comment about sites that allow rss on profiles was interesting as well. Wonder if someone has compiled a list of those?


  77. Weight Loss Says:

    One idea is to participate often in Wiki articles. Add your link to the white list: http://search.wikia.com/wiki/Whitelist

  78. Wholesale Products Says:

    Great post!

  79. SecureMailboxes Says:

    Great info

  80. Shawn Says:

    Love these types of lists. I get refreshed with new ideas and am off and running, building links for the next few days.


  81. Kevin Heisler Says:

    I really liked the fact you put a time limit on the link building project. It really spurs people to take action. Have to admit you’re a much faster link builder than I am.

    Thanks for the tips.

  82. Jesse Says:

    Awesome suggestions, good directories like this are few and far between.

  83. Brandon Adcock Says:

    Forum and social media site profiles are another place you can get free links. Forum sigs too

  84. Dave Shapiro Says:

    Hi Arnie,

    Nice post and thanks for the link.

    - Dave

  85. Vacation Rentals by Zonder.com Says:

    good to know we have most of the bases covered, but always happy to get 1 or 2 tidbits of addt’l ideas.

    Also can appreciate and respect the straight up – you want links? Post ‘em here. Hey, it’s what we’re all looking for after all, and pretty effective.

  86. Sneakerset Says:

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  87. Palmer Web Marketing Says:

    Great tips, I haven’t used most of these sites before. A few weeks ago, I did a post on a few link building tactics I’ve been using lately: http://www.palmerwebmarketing.com/blog/3-effective-link-building-tactics-for-2008/

  88. Big Oak SEO Company Says:

    I followed the sphinn link so your ploy for traffic has worked on me. I did check out the directories, thank you for the hookup.

    This seems like a good SEO crowd so I’ll ask for opinions on this SEO comic my company has created.


  89. Collin LaHay Says:

    Thanks for the “going local” idea. These two links will most likely be even more powerful as time goes on.

  90. Nagaraju Says:

    I like the link love but more importantly the simple but effective suggestions. BooRah does semantic analysis of reviews and comments such as on this blog but for restaurants. Check out http://www.boorah.com/restaurants/c/5046/WA/Seattle.html for top rated restaurants in and around seattle area

  91. Sandy Allen Says:

    Make sure to check out directories in your own vertical; for example, my photography business gets links and traffic from prosphotos.com and photolinks.com.

    Set up a site page on merchantcircle.com.

  92. Allan Collins Says:

    Great tips. I thought you meant 10 inbound links. But great anyway.

  93. Matt Kluemper Says:

    I’m taking your tip. Let me just say that this was a great idea (giving out a do follow link) in order to get links/traffic to your site. Nice!

  94. Monica Willyard Says:

    Thanks for posting this. One small but important free link I see people miss is their email signature. It’s so basic that people seem to overlook it. This can matter even more if you participate in any mailing lists from sites like Freelists because messages are indexed by Google and other search engines. I also put my link in my Skype profile and have added some article pages from my site to Mixx.

  95. labels Says:

    My tip is to subscribe to comment sniper dot com and find blogs related to your topic, and add useful links and comments there.

  96. Niall Rigby Says:

    How about http://tagspage.com? (PR3) {editors note: it’s a huge tag cloud}

  97. Frederick Konig Says:

    Link love is cool, thanks for the great advice.


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  98. steve Says:

    Very good article. I’m glad I found your site.

  99. Tamer Elzein Says:

    Thanks for the tips, although I have to say that, except for the 3 directories you mentioned, all these tips are already in the mainstream. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful :-)

    I do wonder, however, about why favored LinkedIn over the other similar networks which offer basically the exact same functionality.

  100. Nhu-Chi Says:

    Thanks for the tips. Here are my top 5 free directory picks:
    1) http://web1.exactseek.com
    2) http://www.kellysearch.com/
    3) http://www.accoona.com
    4) http://www.webworldindex.com/
    5) http://www.infotiger.com/

  101. TPI News Daily Update Says:

    Hi, very good linking info. Specially relating web directories. There are many out there, and most of them are a waste of time.

  102. Joseph Ratliff Says:

    Another quick way to get links…

    Write a “resource list” of your most popular resources…be descriptive.


    Go to those sources and network with them, getting them to link to you.

    Joseph Ratliff

  103. Brucas Says:

    Nice post. You really ought to make this a regular feature, even if it’s only 5 links you can add in 10 minutes or something. I think people are always looking for new and interesting places to add links…

  104. Nikki Backshall Says:

    Great tips!

    If you have some articles lying around that you’ve written for your website – submit them to an ezine – a great way to get more backlinks!!

  105. Vertical Measures Says:

    Brucas – based on the success of this post, we are already planning a regular feature with a very similar theme. Glad you think it would be a good idea.

  106. Renaissance Woman Says:

    Nice tips!

    My latest find is http://EzineArticles.com/.

  107. Wall Fountains Says:

    Thank you, used them all!

  108. California Tourist Guide Says:

    Thanks very much for your generosity!

  109. Chris Latko Says:

    Thanks for the great info!

  110. Juhani Tontti Says:

    Nice post. Link building should be a daily operation, just writing comments to blogs is great.

    Juhani Tontti

  111. Marianne McEachern Says:

    Great info!! Have you ever tried Comment Hut? The free version is GREAT for 10 links at a time, it identifies Blogs that allow comments and focus on the key words you use.

    Just thought you might like to give it a spin!!


  112. Colon Says:

    Thanks for the great resources. You just put more work on my shoulders :-(

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    Thanks for a very useful post. Great, practical info for newbies. Very easy to do.

  114. Gourmet Coffee Zone Says:

    Thanks for the great linking tips. And good link ideas in the comments as well.


  115. Ted Stalets Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am just starting to build good quality incoming links for this important book coming out in the Spring of 2008.
    Ted Stalets

  116. John Says:

    Thanks for sharing some great tips for building links.

  117. Marie Marinaccio Says:

    Thanks for the really great tips and resources especially the free directories.Also addded your site to my Technorati favorites, i’ll he visiting often.

  118. Make Money Online Says:

    Appreciate the info. I have used LinkedIn and Yahoo local already for another business and they are both excellent. I will use your directories mentioned and would suggest another here http://www.internetvibes.net/

  119. Head Lice Says:

    Thanks so much for these tips, I will spend this morning implementing them. Also a lot of great ideas in these comments as well. Excellent to get started on the right foot for the week!

  120. Don Says:

    Great information. Always looking for new ideas.

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    Thanks for the good advice. Much appreciated.

  122. Herbal Supplements Says:

    One of my favorites of all times: Meetup.com

    You can get several links with your anchor text that are “do -follow”.

    Hope it helps

  123. Bill Says:

    Great suggestions, but one drawback (or opportunity for a new article?): the two directories you mentioned don’t allow for Canadian locations. I’m all for international exposure, but I’d like to work locally as well!


  124. Will Says:

    Great post!

    Have you had any experience with linkmarket.net or linkmetro.com? I’ve started using linkmarket.net but, most of the site in the network are really bad and I’m worried that it might do more harm then good.

  125. Vertical Measures Says:

    @Will – I have no experience with linkmarket.net or linkmetro.com. We stay away from link networks like those.

    @Bill – good idea for a future article. Thanks.

  126. john Says:

    Great site.
    Will be using all the tips for link building.
    Someone said in a comment above that all these tips were out there on the net but what this site does is get them all in one place and shows you which linkbacks actually work and steers you away from sites that the search engines frown upon.

    Great time saver.

  127. North Carolina Website Marketing Says:

    Great list! I definitely have a few more directories to submit to. The free comment link helps to:)

  128. Zacky Says:

    Cools stuffs..sidewide links works just great.

    thanks for the info.

  129. Ronny Says:

    I will check out the directories you mentioned. thanks mate

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    New to this web thing, its great to find information that can help the beginner to the expert.

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  142. SEO Guide Says:

    Thanks for the tips, found you through Search Engine Land. Link building is one of the most consuming time and resources of the SEO Process.

  143. SEO Guide Says:

    I have tried the first two Directories, it seems like they don’t have a free submission any more.

  144. Vertical Measures Says:

    @SEO Guide: World Site Index offers free submissions Tue-Fri. Looks like you are right about Webtopia tho.

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