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11 Mar 2008

10 Good Links You Can Get in the Next 50 Minutes

Link Building in 10 MinutesWe’re always talking about keeping links fresh and how important it is to keep up with your link building efforts. It’s great to talk about, but it can be daunting after months of trying to generate new and different links that will register well with the search engines. This week we thought we’d give you ten quick ways to add some links so that you can take a breather from the strenuous stuff and still feel good about adding real link value to your site. Each one should not take more than 5 minutes, a total of 50 minutes!
3 Internal Links: Go to your site right now and find three places where you can link your own content to content on another relevant page. This internal linking is often overlooked and is actually a great way to keep people digging deeper within your site. Look for a good keyword phrase on your homepage and link it to an inner page with more information so that readers will stay longer and explore further.
3 Free Directories with Value: In the past we’ve warned against indiscriminate use of directories, but there are some free directories that continue to show some value. Here are three that are consistent performers and that have all been seen in Google backlinks. So click on them and add your site right now.

2 places to Go Local: http://local.yahoo.com and http://register.local.com/free/update.aspx are both local searches that are ideal linking opportunities for small businesses. You get great links and you can draw some added local traffic from the many people who routinely use local searches to find local businesses. Yahoo Local includes customer reviews, maps and blogs as well.   Local.com is a more straightforward listing, but does include business descriptions and you can search by zip code or city.

1 Link Site you should join is LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com. This professional networking website provides you with great access to thousands of other business professionals who are members of the network and allows you to connect with others through affiliations with companies, schools and universities you may have in common with other members. You can give and receive recommendations, discover business opportunities and create multiple links as a member.  It’s free to sign-up and takes only minutes to get through the set up process. Look for me at my LinkedIn profile.

3 Blog Comment Right Here. Yep, all you have to do is add two comments to our site and your third comment (and every one after that), will get a “do follow” link right back to your site. Maybe you can even suggest a couple other places to get a decent link in 5 minutes or less!

For some more great ways to quickly add links to your site, check out the link building tips at WIEP.

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