What Makes An Infographic Bad & How To Make It Better [INFOGRAPHIC]

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What Makes A Bad Infographic And How To Make It Better

More and more, we see infographics all over the web. Infographics are a great way to show complex data in a simplified manner, or to tell a story in a fun way. However, not all infographics are created equal and we see more bad habits evolving all the time. Below are some tips to help you get started. Whether you are creating infographics yourself or working with a designer, these basic principles will help build the basic structures for a clear and clean infographic that will let your content shine!

What Makes A Bad Infographic and How To Make It Better

Resources for Color Palettes

Adobe Kuler
Color Scheme Designer

Resources for Combining Fonts

Ask H&FJ
Smashing Magazine
TypeConnection: A Typographic Dating Game

Resources to find great infographics

FastCo.Design: Infographic of the Day
Visual News
Column Five

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Erin Pritchard

As a Graphic Designer, Erin designs flyers, blog post headers, free guides, and infographics for a variety of clients. Working with the creative team at Vertical Measures, her involvement in the design process begins with brainstorming, conceptualization, and research. She combines these elements to create a finished product that fulfills the clients’ needs.

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