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21 Mar 2012

Best Way to Accelerate Your Business Online? [VIDEO]

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Arnie Kuenn answers: “What is the best way to accelerate your business online if you are one person and have to wear many hats?”


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Hello there!

Today’s question is: “What is the best way to accelerate your business online if you are one person and have to wear many hats?”

That’s a great question and I certainly appreciate you using the word Accelerate. I can sympathize, after all, when we started Vertical Measures about five or six years ago, we were a two-person shop. My recommendation is to put together your plan for 90 days, maybe one year if you can from an editorial calendar standpoint. And I recommend starting with blog posts. Blogs are a proven way to get found in search, social and it’s a place to place your content. So if you can, commit to writing one blog post a week. If you can do that, that’s great! If you can manage to get two blog posts in, that’s great! Make them good though, don’t shortcut the blog post. Do the best you can within your time restraints and your budget and start to produce content. When you’re doing that, try to think about what your consumer what your potential customer is wondering about. What they are thinking about. What issues they have online and see if you can solve those problems with content.

After that I suggest you look at your webpage themselves, you’re going to have several core pages. If you’re an e-commerce site, you might feel like you got hundreds of core pages. Start focusing on the content on those pages. We like to say around here, “Your thickening your content.” A lot of people kind of skimp and they just want to get the website and pages out. But I recommend going back through and seeing where you can add video like this, add images, add more text, but thicken up that content. Maybe again with your goal and your plan you can target two pages a week or one page a week and expand from there.

Certainly make sure that all of your content is optimized, especially your title tags, description, H1, even your URL structure can really make a difference, and make sure those pages can load quickly. I’m going to provide some links at the bottom of this post with some more tips on what a small operation can do to accelerate their business online.