09 May 2012

What’s the Best Way for Me to Interact with Fans Who Like My Facebook Business Page? [VIDEO]

    Q & A Video

    Kaila Strong answers: “What’s the best way for me to interact with fans who Like my Facebook business page?”

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    All right, so today’s question is from i-Brag who posted on our Facebook page. They ask: “What’s the best way for me to interact with fans who Like my Facebook business page?”

    One of the things you can definitely do is figure out what interests users. What kind of information is going to be most informational for that end user who is a fan on your Facebook page? Are you in an industry that might really be able to utilize content to help sell that end user? Are their blog posts and really great information you can share with your users? Each of those content pieces are things that you can use to add as a status message and share with your fans and help engage with them and help them realize that you’re a sought after expert in your industry.

    Additionally you can look at the data and see how engagement happens with each of those status message updates, those photos you might change or update. Each of the actions that your taking on your Facebook page, examine Facebook Insights to see what the users are doing with those images and what’s going to be more successful.

    Next you’ll want to research and see if you can glean some information from other Facebook pages. Maybe your competitors have a really successful strategy. Try to see what types of messages and information their sharing and engaging with their users and see if you can integrate that with your campaign.