08 Apr 2011

Top 10 Takeaways from Our Inaugural Content Marketing Workshop

Content Marketing Workshop Takeaways

The day started early…really early! The yawns were contagious spreading around the room, but thankfully Dynamic Worldwide hooked us up with a sweet breakfast and some Seattle’s Best Coffee. People came from all of the Valley, Arizona and the US from all different backgrounds and professions. We had a start-up chocolate company, Epiphany Chocolates – she was harassed all day by the way to hand out some chocolates. We had some B2B companies including Incentive Logic, a few creative agencies and even a bug guy, Thomas Ballantyne from Bulwark Exterminating. But, they all had one goal – to learn how to use content marketing to take their business and their clients’ businesses to the next level.

At the end of the workshop, we distributed a survey to find out what they all got out of this eight-hour day and the responses were pretty fascinating. But, allow me to be a little selfish and start off with my key takeaways.

    1. Everyone has something cool to talk about, we all have stories, which equal content opportunities! The number one thing I noticed is all of the light bulbs going off. We poked and prodded their brains with exercises forcing them to put their ideas and stories to paper. When asked to share their stories, we only had time to talk about a few, the hands kept raising. Everyone wanted to share and the stories were interesting and relevant to their business and would easily engage their audiences.
Arnie Kuenn Speaking at Content Workshop

Photo of Arnie Kuenn taken by Rocky Mountain Mattress

  1. I’m going to steal number two as well. I just have to share this story with the key point being, content really can happen anywhere! We actually met Thomas Ballantyne through Twitter. He’s the bug guy, remember? Elise Redlin-Cook was promoting AZIMA on Twitter about a year ago. That same day she re-tweeted what she thought was an interesting fact – that scorpions will sting themselves to death if you pour alcohol on them.

    Well, Thomas saw this Tweet and felt compelled to prove her wrong. He showed up to AZIMA with a scorpion and it sure caused a stir. He grabbed a drink at the bar, drizzled some on the scorpion and filmed it. Thankfully the scorpion was just fine and he proved the myth wrong. The next day he posted the scorpion myth video and today the video has over 30,000 views!!! So yea, content can really happy anywhere and often in some pretty weird ways.

  2. “Open up to ideas that are not directly related to the business.”
  3. “Content marketing is not just about content.”
  4. “Know who your audience is and what they want.”
  5. “Find out where your potential customers are hanging out online.”
  6. “You must optimize your content.”
  7. “Link, link, link!”
  8. “Develop a comprehensive content calendar to stay focused and use all conduits for maximum results.”
  9. “Measure the results.”

All in all, it was a great day. Attendees walked away with exactly what we were hoping they would and much more!