06 Jun 2013

Get Trained and Certified in the Art and Science of Content Marketing

Get Trained and Certified in the Art and Science of Content Marketing

Content marketing can be considered both an art and a science. A science in the way that strategies are tried and tested, with hypotheses falling flat or working out successfully, only to be tried and tested again for maximum efficiency. It’s an art in the way that writers and marketers must empathetically tune into what customers would find valuable and produce content directly for where they are in the sales process. It’s the blending of the left and right brained focuses that makes content marketing so effective in today’s business world.

As more markerters and business owners become aware of the power of content marketing and the balance of art vs. science, there are increasingly more opportunities to further content marketing education and understanding. We’re excited to be a part of an opportunity for you to do just that at the upcoming Content Marketing Intensive hosted by Instant eTraining and starting June 14. The Intensive is a month-long online conference with an optional certification program. You will hear experts like Marcus Sheridan, Tim Ash, and Chris Baggott speak on a variety of topics like B2B  lead generation, persona research, and content creation. Our very own Vertical Measures team will be spekaing too, with Arnie Kuenn presenting on “Market Research For Content Ideas” and Kaila Strong on “Data Driven Content Marketing.”

One the best features of the web conference is the fact that you can walk away with a Certificate of Achievement in Content Marketing. There are not many opportunities where you can do this, and even fewer and far between in content marketing. Take a hands on approach with a real-world project that will throw you into all the details of content marketing, including mentor sessions and video access.

For more information on the conference and certification, learn more here and read the details below:

Instant eTraining conferenceContent Marketing 2013

WebConference + Certification

June 14 to July 12, 2013

21 Live Online Sessions

What is it?

Online Content Marketing event where you get big conference content with personalized interactive training. 100% Online that lets you watch (or rewatch) sessions any number of times!

How does it Work?

Our Content Marketing WebConference delivers a total of 21 live sessions. All our live sessions are recorded too for easy future playback.

When does it start?

All our sessions are recorded so you can enroll at any time. Plus, you get access to recordings for 6 months.