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July 17th, 2008 • By:  • Business

A few days ago, a great post about SEO for commercial websites was posted on Online Marketing with RSSRay. We’d like to share this valuable information with you because it’s relevance to link building is undeniable.

Dale Knauss, who is Ray’s radio show producer, did a very thorough job of explaining just how valuable a top search engine ranking is for any business engaged in ecommerce.  Combining research from a number of sources, this post went through the steps necessary to calculate the value in revenue that top search engine rankings can provide your business. 

Ultimately, as is shown with the numbers presented in the post, SEO has a net positive impact on sales and therefore provides a return-on-investment.  With clear figures like these kept in mind, making a decision about how much SEO is necessary for one’s site is easier by far.

We’ll see you at the top!

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  1. Brian Antony Says:

    nice post…it can be new knowledge especially for the people who are newbie like me. SEO still becomes a star in this kind of business actually. like what you say, it can increase the popularity of the blog or the website itself. so, it is very important.

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