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16 Jun 2009

Link Building Contest Comes To a Close

boost-your-juiceOur "Boost Your Juice" Contest is officially over, and with many entries we are well on our way to picking the top 10 (they’ll be posted on Friday, stay tuned)! We had some highs, we had some lows, but overall we feel our contest was a great success. Why? 

Well, for starters we have over 2,000 references to our contest in Google. Many contest sites picked up our listing, as well as some niche contest sites like VidOpp.com and TheBlackCell.com. This helped to bring in over 500 page views to the contest listing page, and hundreds of new backlinks from more than 25 different domains.
In addition, our contest was re-tweeted many, many times! A special thanks goes out to all who tweeted and blogged about our contest, it created quite a buzz online! And those helpful folks were entered into the ‘Socialize Prize’ drawing; winners will be announced on Thursday.
A few things we will consider next time include: utilizing the term internet marketing services instead of link building. This is largely due to the fact that internet marketing services is more of a recognized term, and we likely would have received more entries had we chosen that term instead. Secondly, we would not have required a link back to our contest to be entered to win our ‘Socialize Prize’. Why? Because Matt Cutt’s said so at SMX Advanced….we’ll take his word for it. 

All-in-all our contest was a success and well worth the initial investment of $5,000 in services; not only from a link building standpoint, but for overall branding efforts as well. What services and products could you offer in an enticing contest to help with link building and branding? Hopefully the successes we’ve seen with our "Boost Your Juice" contest prompt you to come up with a creative contest for your own site!

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