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01 Jun 2009

“Boost Your Juice” With $5,000 In Free Link Building Services!

Our blog, link building best practices, is usually the place for us to inform our readers about what’s happening in search these days, tips, and information to help your website perform better. That’s why we wanted our readers to be the first to know about our "Boost Your Juice" Contest, giving you a chance to win $5K in link building services. What better way to "Boost Your Juice" than with $5K in free link building? Our friends at AskShane.com and Redorbit.com held similar contests recently that you might have seen. 

Here’s Arnie to tell you a bit more about our contest:
Simply tell us why your site deserves this great opportunity, either in writing or via video. Be unique, imaginative, creative, and interesting. Don’t mention your site or your name in your video/article, because we want to keep it as impartial as possible! Besides, your submission form will contain all the pertinent information we need.
Your article or video will be judged first by the Vertical Measures staff, and the top ten submissions will be posted online for all to see. A third party panel of judges will choose one Grand Prize winner and one Second Prize winner out of the ten posted entries, to be announced one week thereafter.
We will also be giving away 10 socialize prizes to those who Boost Our Juice. All you have to do is tweet about our contest using the hashtag #boostyourjuice for one entry. Not a Twitterphene like me? You can also write a blog post about our contest and include a couple links to our site for five entries. In order to be entered into the socialize prize drawing you’ll need to include a trackback to our site, or comment on the $5K Give Away Page to let us know you’ve written a blog post about our contest.
There are many chances to win, but hurry! Our contest ends June 15th so get your entries in soon.


  • A Former Fan Jun 01, 2009

    I used to be a big fan of your e-newsletter. It was actually pretty informative and the artciles were always insightful and just the right length.
    The last several emails from you folks have been…utterly worthless…and now a “contest” email? Good gravy: You’ve obviously run out of things to say. Perhaps a cancellation is in order…?

  • Kaila S. Jun 01, 2009

    A former fan:

    I’m surprised to hear your disdain for our “Boost Your Juice” link building contest. This is the opportunity for a website owner to receive an exceptional link building package. All they have to do is submit a small 200 word essay or a short video….that’s it! I would have thought our readers would be excited to hear this information, as it just could save a struggling ecommerce site. Any business could benefit from link building….the whole reason we started the LBBP blog, but I digress.

    As for the e-mails, we have made a change with the way we deliver our publication. Previously, many of the links, videos and graphics weren’t showing properly in the e-mails. In order to keep our posts visually appealing we needed to make this change and were testing out this option. I’ll take your comment as a vote ‘no’ on our change….dually noted. Thanks!

  • A Former Fan Jun 01, 2009

    Easy there Kaila: Not bashing the “contest” per se although I think the cvast majority of us out here probably see it as a veiled attempt to boost your Prospect list BUT I am commenting on the quality of the information you are “presenting” in your email – if you’ll simply go back and check, you’ll note thatthe quality of the information has dropped. Significantly, as in “dropping off a cliff” drop.
    That’s a shame because I used to dig your emails: They were concise and typcially had some great information presented in a great format.

  • Kaila S. Jun 01, 2009

    There is no doubt we hope to gain some new clients and links from this campaign, but we also hope to have it demonstrate to clients and readers the benefit and effectiveness of contests. Not only for link building, but also for traffic. I hope you stay tuned, we’ll be publishing the results as the contest wraps up.

  • Jonathan Bentz Jun 05, 2009

    @A Former Fan – I wouldn’t say the quality of information on this blog has dropped… unless all you are expecting is constant tips and best practices for getting links. There are other blogs out there that offer quick tips for getting a link.

    I have been reading VM’s blog for about a year, and I’ve noticed over the last few months that they’ve taken a more holistic approach to covering link building – and the entire SEO/internet marketing industry.

    I guess how you react to the content of the blog is based on what you want from it? The info here still seems timely and relevant to me, however.

    Best of luck to whoever wins the contest.

  • Kolorowanki Jun 09, 2009

    $5000?! I spent this much on link building in like… well I haven’t spent that much in 2 years I’ve been blogging. This is an awesome prize!