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New Phrase and Exact Keyword Matching in AdWords

When you are putting together your ad campaigns, you want to know that you are snagging as many potential customers as possible. The last thing you want to be worrying about is damage control. Unfortunately, for many PPC advertisers this was inevitable. Because of the way that exact and phrase matching formulas were created, something as small as a...

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How Does the Google Search Engine Actually Work?

When we give presentations to different business groups we are often asked how Google works, and of course how you can optimize for it.  This video came out about a week ago and many websites have already shared it, as it is one of the first times we have heard such an explanation from Google itself (well actually Matt...

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Just Released: Conversion Tracking for Ad Extensions

Earlier this month, Google released a very important update, but they haven’t talked too much about this new development. In fact, it may have completely slipped off of your radar that you now have access to a reporting feature, which allows you to examine conversion data for AdWords extensions. Just because Google hasn’t made a formal announcement doesn’t mean...

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