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Adwords Updates: Ad Rotation Settings and Impression Share Date

It seems like Google is having trouble making up their minds in regards to settling on guidelines for AdWords ad rotations.  I’m sure you remember the recent hubbub that arose when Google eliminated their “Rotate Indefinitely” option in AdWords. With the negative feedback in regards to losing this option, Google decided to bring the feature back. This is not...

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Duplicate Content and the Future – A Cautionary Tale

Once upon a time, there lived a happy webmaster. He went about his webmasterly duties and regularly updated his website to reflect the latest SEO best practices. One day, he was visited by an evil Black Hat Magician who told him by stuffing keywords into places on his website and creating duplicate content, he would be able to jump...

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How To Fix Your Sitelinks For Google’s New Policy Change

If you’re currently using Sitelinks in your AdWords campaigns, or plan to do so at some point, it’s time to listen up. Google recently announced that they will be strictly enforcing their current Sitelinks policy in upcoming months. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these policy guidelines to ensure that your campaigns avoid any negative effects.

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