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5 Link Building Tactics That No Longer Work

Like life itself, there is only one constant in link building: change. Many tactics that worked in prior years no longer do since Google caught wind of them and reconfigured its algorithm to make those tactics a liability rather than an asset. The key for any link builder or webmaster is to stay one step ahead of any such...

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Top Social Media Misfires Companies Make

Would it surprise you to learn that social media has put your customers in the driver’s seat? Perhaps the better-suited question to ask, is are you actually leveraging this fact? With the unlimited availability to access information about brands, customers are directly contributing to how your company is perceived through their tweets, posts, likes and shares. Companies must be...

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Getting Familiar with “Adwords for Video”

If you’ve been searching for a new and exciting way to maximize your audience reach, you should consider implementing YouTube videos as part of your AdWords campaigns. Synergy is king right now, and what better way to increase customer traffic than by promoting across varied platforms. Even better, Google is allowing people to try “Google AdWords for Video” for...

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