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How to Win at Search, Social and Content Marketing Workshop in Phoenix

It was only 2 years ago when the term “content marketing” was still relatively unknown. Nowadays, we consider content marketing to be a need-to-know factor for companies–both large and small–who want grow their business organically on the web. But understanding the steady rise of content marketing’s importance plus its ability to increase business doesn’t give us the full picture of what...

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Best Practices for Implementing Google Author Rank [VIDEO]

It seems to be a month full of explorations of Google Authorship and Author Rank here at Vertical Measures. We had a great post by Kaila Strong last week interviewing top industry professionals on author rank’s impact in 2013, and Part 2 is still to come with more thoughts and predictions. Also, David Gould’s upcoming webinar “Beyond Optimization: Elevating...

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Increase Social Media Engagement with Events and Anniversaries in 2013

Did you have a social media plan in 2012? How did it go? Are you planning on doing things differently this year? If so, here is something to ponder and keep in mind when you’re creating your strategy or when using social marketing services: in order to have engagement through your social media channels, your followers need to care about...

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