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How Do You Measure Social Media Success With Google Analytics? [VIDEO]

August 8th, 2012 • By:  • Social Media

Q & A Video

David Gould answers: “How Do You Measure Social Media Success With Google Analytics??”

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How To Use Facebook Power Editor

August 7th, 2012 • By:  • PPC Advertising
If you prefer to unleash your PPC campaigns within the Facebook realm, you’re probably already familiar with the features that Facebook’s Power Editor tool provides. If you haven’t tried your luck on the social media giant’s site then now is a great time to do so. The tool was introduced last year and has saved advertisers hundreds of hours of time by making duplication and mass production of ads possible with the simple click of a button. Before, it would take up to five minutes to create and ad, but with this tool, creating a strong Facebook presence has become a breeze, limiting that creation time in some instances to 30 seconds or less.
The Power Editor is essentially an upgraded version of what Facebook previously offered to advertisers wishing to implement bulk uploads. It gives you the ability to edit, mass duplicate and even optimize ads within minutes. The new features that the Power Editor boasts streamlines the ad and campaign editing experience quite a bit and has proven to be user-friendly.
You can obtain the Facebook Power Editor by downloading it from Facebook’s Ad Manager. To start, make sure you have the newest version of Google Chrome installed on your computer. You can find this application at Once installation is complete, visit and then click into your Ad account. The Power Editor tab is located on the left hand side of the Ads Manager page. Enter this tab, and then you click the appropriate link to install Power Editor (located under the Step 2 instructions). After installation is complete, click on the “Download” button. It is here where you will decide which of your accounts are subject to the power editor – you can choose to apply to all, or limit to certain accounts.
When launching the Power Editor, you will see that there are three panes in which to navigate. Use the Left Pane to toggle between your ad accounts and their corresponding campaigns. Within the Main Pane you will be able to view all of your campaigns or ads that you have selected from the left pane. The bottom pane shows the editable fields associated with the campaigns or ads that you currently have selected in the left pane as well. If you used the old bulk uploader, you’ll notice that this streamlined version makes editing entire campaigns much easier than before with less clicks, fewer page loads, and a cleaner interface.
Within the new Power Editor you can also view metrics and analyze the overall performance of your ads in a snap. Click on “Settings” in the right hand corner of the page. This will give you the option to select or deselect the metrics you wish to measure on the ad and campaign level. These metrics include anything from Impressions to CTR. Visit the top navigation bar and click the “Stats” drop-down menu to view metrics detail for specific date ranges.
You have three options to create new campaigns. You can duplicate an existing account then change the detail in the edit fields to create a new campaign. You can copy from Excel by uploading information from the Power Editor into Excel. Once you edit the information, you can then load it back into the Power Editor. You can also create a new campaign directly from the page by just filling out the necessary fields and then saving as a new campaign.
You can create new ads in a similar fashion. From the “Ads” tab click “Create Ad” on the main pane. Fill out the necessary fields, upload an image and then save as a new ad. You can also duplicate within the ads tab, and then edit the fields to create a new piece. Copying from excel the same way you would do so with a campaign also works. You also have the option to import from Excel to create multiple new ads and campaigns into the power editor with an accompanying folder of zip files. Simply click the “Bulk Import” button to do so. Take note that if you were using the previous Bulk Uploader the Power Editor is still compatible with those old spreadsheets.
After making your changes, don’t forget to hit the “Upload Changes” button to ensure that all of your edits are recorded to your account. You will see a “+” sign next to any new ads or accounts containing new ads. Similarly, you will see an arrow sign next to any ads or accounts that have newly recorded edits. Only changes you’ve made since the last Facebook upload or download can be reversed by clicking the “Revert Changes” button, so make-sure to double-check your edits before uploading all of your changes.

A Guide to Developing Your Social Media Engagement Policy

August 7th, 2012 • By:  • Social Media

Developing Your Social Media Engagement Policy

Your company has adopted all of the social networking essentials – a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, perhaps even a YouTube Channel – so you’re already a step ahead in the digital space, right?  While you made a concerted effort to show up for your online audience, you may be missing a key dynamic: talking WITH your customers rather than AT them. This is where companies tend to get stuck and having a social media policy in place will take customer engagement to its most important level. By directly communicating with your customers online, showing responsiveness, demonstrating expert knowledge and echoing their feedback, you will continually build value and strengthen their relationship with your brand.

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Mitch Joel Discusses CTRL ALT DEL at Content Marketing World 2012

August 2nd, 2012 • By:  • Content Marketing

Content Marketing World 2012

Mitch Joel who is President of Twist Image — an award-winning Digital Marketing agency. And his first book, Six Pixels of Separation, is a business and marketing bestseller. Mitch’s next book, CTRL ALT DEL, is the topic of his opening keynote on Wednesday September 5th at Content Marketing World in Columbus.

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What Is Social Media Optimization? [VIDEO]

August 1st, 2012 • By:  • Social Media

Q & A Video

Kaila Strong answers: “What is Social Media Optimization?”

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