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What are Google Product Listing Ads?

If you’re trying to take your text ad campaigns to the next level, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or scrap your current online marketing plan today. Making improvements can be as easy as visiting Google Merchant Center. By utilizing this Google based platform, you’ll have the ability to revamp your basic text ads into more...

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Content Strategy: The Best Ways to Optimize Your Content [VIDEO]

There are many methods you can use to engage your audience through the creation of different types of content: free guides, blog posts, videos, infographics, etc. Even though the content development and distribution opportunities can stretch as far as you can brainstorm, if you don’t optimize your content correctly, all of your efforts may end up falling flat. In this video, learn...

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Correctly Selecting Your Adwords Language and Location Settings

The first step to snagging a new customer is attracting their initial attention. The next step is being able to effectively communicate that you have a product or service that fulfills their needs. This is the definition of a simple business interaction, but you need to make sure that your settings in Google AdWords are allowing you to target...

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