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SEO Horror Stories: Search, Social and Content Tricks to Avoid

October 25th, 2012 • By:  • Internet Marketing

SEO Horror Stories

Take heed SEOs and Internet marketers, social media gurus and content mavens: you may be undone by your unwise missteps. This Halloween, take a moment to be sure your well-meaning treats don’t turn into tricks, lest the diabolical consequences befall you.

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What Are Some Bad Link Building Techniques to Avoid? [Video]

October 24th, 2012 • By:  • Link Building

Q & A Video

Ben Holland answers: “What are Some Bad Link Building Techniques That Should Be Avoided?”

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5 Link Building Tactics That No Longer Work

October 23rd, 2012 • By:  • Link Building

5 Link Building Tactics That No Longer Work

Like life itself, there is only one constant in link building: change.

Many tactics that worked in prior years no longer do since Google caught wind of them and reconfigured its algorithm to make those tactics a liability rather than an asset.

The key for any link builder or webmaster is to stay one step ahead of any such changes. By focusing on natural content geared toward the end user, you can usually stay in the clear. After all, there’s always a reason that the strategy at hand stopped working.

Here are five tactics, some of which have worked in the past, that no longer help sites rank with search engines:

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A Piece of your Content Marketing Puzzle: Calendar Template

October 19th, 2012 • By:  • Content Marketing

a piece of your content marketing puzzle: calendar template

It’s that time of year when businesses begin to reflect on the past and look toward what the future year may hold. They start to see what worked for them in terms of their content marketing, what fell flat, and how they can improve upon their efforts in order to attain their business goals.

Here at Vertical Measures, we’re no different. We’ve started the process of forming our 2013 content marketing plan and editorial calendar by reflecting, brainstorming, strategizing, and planning. We’ve thrown out idea after idea while drawing up new tactics, and tossing out the old. But all this raw creativity needs some structure; it needs a plan.

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How Do I Analyze My Competition on the Web? [VIDEO]

October 17th, 2012 • By:  • Link Building

Q & A Video

Michael Schwartz: “How do I analyze my competition on the web?”

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