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Adwords Enhanced Campaigns: Understanding Mobile Bid Adjustments

May 10th, 2013 • By:  • PPC Advertising

Advertising online used to be pretty straightforward. You put your banner on a website; someone saw it on a desktop computer, and boom: you had made your connection. Today, the online advertising space has become a vast landscape navigated by millions across the planet through a series of different channels. Nowadays advertisers have to look at a number of factors when deciding how to reach their audience; things like time of day, location and whether or not the search query is coming from a mobile device are crucial to know when targeting ads. Having this information can greatly increase your chances of reaching new customers at your target ROI.

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Getting a Handle on Impression Share Metrics

May 10th, 2013 • By:  • PPC Advertising

You should think of impression share as a serving bowl of tasty punch at a party. That full punch bowl represents the overall impression share (ultimately the total number of chances you have to display your ad to a potential customer) that’s available at any given time. You and all of your competitors want a glass. The more glasses you obtain, the more of the overall impression share you’re drinking.  When you set up metrics, you’re able to measure that amount you’re drinking as compared to your competitors. This punch is delicious and you want as much as possible! The same principle applies with your search ad campaigns and the actual number of online impressions you can obtain. You want to have the highest level of exposure among the other players in the online market space.

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Content Curation for Your Website [VIDEO]

May 8th, 2013 • By:  • Content Development


Content curation on your website can be a very powerful tool. Curation can create brand authority and awareness, all the while connecting your company to outside sources that can help to improve your blog presence. I sat down to chat with Pawan Deshpande of Curata and Bill Flitter of to talk about curation’s benefits for businesses and the best tools to use to get the most out of your effort.

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Rethinking Relevance in Content Marketing

May 7th, 2013 • By:  • Content Marketing

Rethinking Relevance in Content Marketing

In content marketing we frequently hear the refrain of “relevant content.” Provide valuable, relevant content and drive your audience toward business goals. But relevant how? And to whom? What do we mean when we talk about content relevance, and how do we ensure we’re doing it well?

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Full Credit For Your Ticket and Airfare to BlueGlassX LA

May 6th, 2013 • By:  • VM News


If you are reading this, it is highly likely you know about the shutdown of BlueGlass Interactive and the cancellation of their May event – BlueGlassX in Los Angeles.

We really liked what Will Critchlow and the folks at Distilled are doing by offering BlueGlassX ticket holders the opportunity to exchange your ticket in order to be able to attend SearchLove in Boston around the same time period.

We also feel bad for the speakers and attendees who planned on attending BlueGlassX and only in the past few days were you able to learn the fate of that event.  In fact, I had told one of the people close to the situation that I would be willing to fill in for any of the speakers at the event, if it meant all the people who had paid in advance could still have an event to attend.

We also know that for many of you, it might be impossible for you to quickly head to the East coast for SearchLove. So in that spirit, Vertical Measures would like to offer all of the BlueGlassX ticketholders a 100% credit for both their BlueGlassX tickets and non-refundable airfare towards any of our services.  No strings attached. This includes the speakers too.  If speakers have airfare they now have to eat, we will apply that amount towards our services.

Just like Will said, we are really going to have to use the honor system here.  If you were able to get refunds for your tickets (BlueGlassX or airfare), then please allow us to help those that were impacted financially – that’s what this is all about. Our amazing community steps up when necessary and we feel this is one of those times to act.

If you are interested in the offer, please contact Patty Adams (PattyA [at] or 602-314-3467 and let her know your situation.