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24 Mar 2009

Get Noticed

Getting your website noticed is something that not only helps to create organic links, but gets more traffic to your site as well. Are you ready to ramp up your site and not only get it noticed but create brand recognition in your industry? Getting an article published can have a large impact on your brand.

Pretty much any industry can benefit from a well written article published on an online resource. Experts have always said that links from Library resource sites might just be the best links out there. While hard to get published on those sites, there are other places to get noticed and I’ve detailed some tips to getting noticed below. Best of all, most of the sites you end up finding to publish your article on are doing their own publicity, talking/e-mailing/IM’ing/commenting/tweeting about their new posts, and doing their own link building to your post: for free. If you have a blog and aren’t doing at least automated publicity, you really should–but that’s another subject for another post.
keyword research
Do your research: find blogs with increased page rank, high Technorati scores, high Alexa scores, and subscribers. Search your keywords and see which ones show up, compare the results. The more you research, the better your results. Google’s Blogsearch is helpful when looking for a place to get published. Think about the types of blogs your demographic would frequent. Think also about journals, .org sites in your industry, and tip websites in your industry.

Network: connect and correspond with blog writers, website owners, authors, industry professionals, through friends and family. Utilize sites like Twitter and their search function, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social networking sites. E-mail your contacts. Ask your connections to have a featured blog on their site, doesn’t hurt to ask just once right? Be willing to host a guest post as well on your own blog, and if not don’t get in the habit of asking others for favors, especially if they’re free.

article marketing serviceWrite: discuss a topic you have researched and are comfortable discussing. Determine whether or not you want your article to be witty, satirical, pessimistic, challenging, confrontational, informational, or a blend. The more practice you get at writing the better your articles will be. If you are struggling just remember: there is no harm in hiring a professional writer. After a few edits and revisions you are sure to come to an agreement on the outcome with the writer, but no doubt guidance will be needed as they are often not experts in every industry. Optimize your final draft with links to your site, utilizing separate keywords and URLs, and adding authority links.

Build links: utilize your social networks and friends to build links to your well written post, and publicize your piece after it’s been published.

Don’t forget to keep a list of all the contacts you build, and even after you have successfully published an article keep in contact with them. Check out the successes of one writer. You just might get published on CNN in the future too. The key thing to remember is: every little bit helps. Even if your first few tries are flops, don’t fret! There is always a professional offering advanced article marketing services….