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17 Jun 2008

Ecommerce Links – “DoFollow” Tuesdays

DoFollow ImageWelcome to “Do Follow” Tuesdays. To read what this is all about, you can check our announcement postBe sure to vote for your market today!  VOTE HERE  

In summary, every Tuesday we pick a vertical market based on the number of votes a market receives at our Vertical Market Poll. This week we cover Ecommerce Retail Websites. We invite all of you out there to post in the comments a specific link building recommendation for the Ecommerce market (a good directory, authority website, blog, link search, etc.). If it adds value, we will approve it, give you the credit and a “do follow” link to your site. However, we will just delete stupid, irrelevant, spammy comments – only truly useful information will be allowed. 

This week’s suggestion from our staff comes in the form of a variety pack.  We will recommend some specific link building tactics and we will recommend a couple of great resources for more information as it relates to ecommerce sites.

Articles – we still believe articles can be a very effective link building method if you take your time and do it correctly.   Correctly means writing (or having someone write) unique, valuable content and submitting them to related sites on a limited basis.   Don’t blast it out to hundreds of free article directories, instead look for a few niche sites related to your business.  Here are several websites we found in less than 30 minutes covering a variety of topics:  Business Know HowWomen in BusinessAll MerchantsFiber to Fashion, and the Art of Retail Management.  Depending on your niche, you should be able to think of an article these sites would be interested in posting, that just happen to have a couple of links back to your site.

ResourcesJustilien wrote a great article on building links for online retail and e-commerce sites.   Here is a good article on tapping your suppliers for links.   Here is a list of 20 cheap ways to get links to your ecommerce site.  Lastly, Jason Boom discusses Yahoo Answers and other techniques on his blog.

OK, now lets hear from the rest of you. Place your advice for link building for the e-commerce & online retail market in the comments below. Those that are accepted will get a nice "do follow" link from us.

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  • Collin LaHay Jun 17, 2008

    Since most ecommerce sites have a harder time building links, you need to find a creative way to get additional promotional content.

    One way that I recommend is for stores to have a section of the site (or a blog) where you can post honest, in-depth reviews about your products. This way you can easily promote that content through the normal methods of link building, and that content will be able to rank well in Google and send you customers through your affiliate link, or directly to your own product(s).

  • Link Building Bible Jun 18, 2008

    Great tip Collin! Also, finding an active forum around the topic of your ecommerce site and adding it to your signature…. even if it’s a nofollow forum, you can still get some great traffic for people who are obviously interested in the topic, since it’s a forum based on that.

  • Vertical Measures Jun 20, 2008

    @Chris – good tip. Many people do search for SKUs, so optimizing for that could be very valuable.

  • Furniture Jul 08, 2008

    One linking strategy that I found to work well is distributing new press releases on PRWeb.com. They have a SEO Visibility package that will allow you to embed 1 anchor text link per 100 words. You can even add the anchor text links in your summary. The cost is $200, but it is well worth it because once you distribute your press release, your news feed and anchor text links will be distributed to other newsgroup websites with high Google PageRank including PRWeb.com, Yahoo, and Google. It takes a day or two before your pages start to move up in the search engine rankings. Sometimes the increase can be temporary, but it’ll definitely give you a boost when you need it.