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24 Nov 2008

25 Niche Article Directories

niche article directoriesWe have a list of 25 new article sites focused on the automotive, education, home, health & B2B markets.
Article marketing and web site marketing in general, is a well established method of getting decent backlinks and it still works. Writing short 400 – 600 word informative and helpful articles is still very effective for getting targeted traffic and backlinks. We’ve been touting the value of good article marketing for a while now.
The sites we have collected cater to specific topics like Education, Health, Residential Services, Automotive or Business to Business. We like these sites because they are targeted, providing more value to the reader.   They also allow links in the body of the article not just the bio box.
Some of these sites are relatively new, so they have little or no page rank. But they are probably worth trying as we have seen time and time again that these types of vertically focused sites seem to pass on solid link juice. Besides, patience is a virtue when it comes to link building. Eventually these sites should accumulate decent PR.
On the majority of these sites we found there are some editorial criteria that you need to meet in order for it to be accepted. This includes submitting unique articles not found on other sites, a good summary, keyword tags and a strong title, but if you meet those, you can get in a few great links from the body of the article to your website, which is a great opportunity.
We are not going to post all 25 sites here, but if you’d like a complete list of any of the vertical market article sites, click your area of interest below and we’ll be glad to email the sites to you directly:



  • Jack - eyeflare travel advice Nov 28, 2008

    Fantastic. You guys keep coming up with some really useful posts.

  • Jonathan Bentz Nov 28, 2008

    What exactly do you mean by “residential services?” Sorry if I’m the only one that got confused with “home” in the first sentence and then “residential services” in the body of the text. Thanks for putting these lists together.

  • Vertical Measures Nov 29, 2008

    @Jonathan – residential services like plumbers, painters, remodeling, even real estate. Anything that has to do with your home maintenance.

  • Chris Mueller Dec 01, 2008

    I didn’t even realize that there were niche article directories. We have all heard of ezinesarticles, and websites that are pretty broadly based but I guess there is a niche for everyone, including article directories!

  • Performance Guy Dec 01, 2008

    Niche directories are much more preferred in google than the usual directory with millions of categories.

  • Paddy Power Dec 17, 2008

    Thank you for letting me know the niche directory lists. I will surely make use of them for my business development progress. Thanks again for your kind presentation on niche stuffs.

  • Design Insomnia Jan 06, 2009

    nice list. Make sure not get penalized for using the same content on several sites. I wrote on the subject, “Can Article Directories Hurt You?”


    Hope that helps.

  • toputop Apr 09, 2009

    Great list very useful….Thanks u.

  • ezineshopper Feb 03, 2010

    Another directory to add to that list is http://www.ezineshopper.com under the category of shopping/product reviews

  • Kaila S. Feb 03, 2010

    @ezineshopper Thanks!!

  • Web Design Companies Washington DC Jan 10, 2011

    I know this is two years old, but its still a great article.

  • jugj Tnyler May 14, 2011

    Concise and well written, thanks for the awesome post.