Online Marketing Measurement & Reporting

One reason that Internet marketing is so powerful is its ability to provide proof of success. As you develop your online marketing measurement and reporting strategies and methodologies, you want to be wearing your lab coat. Intuition marketing follows the 80/20 rule. You may launch with content that aligns 80 percent with your market in terms of hitting their needs, emotional language, calls to action, and tone. Yet, that 80 percent is available to everyone. Getting to the other 20 percent is where we can help. And, it turns out, that 20 percent is where the revenue comes from.

With online marketing content, your success comes through measurement and reporting. Because online marketing is iterative, with thorough measurement of performance, analyzing those results, and reporting, you gain insight that either confirms your strategy, or gives you the counter-intuitive insight that gives you the edge over your competitors. Here’s the general methodology:

  • Determine Metrics Based on Business Goals
  • Establish Baseline & Benchmarks
  • Track Results against Baseline and Benchmarks
  • Analyze Data for Counterintuitive or Confirming Results
  • Confirm New Hypotheses with Testing

In this context, failure of a particular online marketing strategy is something from which you can learn and leap forward. Your competitive advantages develop from this insight. It only happens though if you hold your content accountable by establishing goals in the form of benchmarks. And you can only know your progress if you first measure your current performance as a baseline.

Knowing which industry benchmarks in your measurement and reporting are pertinent to your online marketing efforts is another area where we can provide expertise. If you have a long B2B sales cycle, you don’t want to compare your performance to consumer packaged goods benchmarks. Moreover, we want to help you understand through deeper analysis what those metrics mean when related to each other. Taken together over time, we can help you see what behavior you’re driving. Next, we can help you develop the tests that will confirm the analysis or provide the insight to drive stronger alignment with need, which is how we get you to meet, exceed and transform your business goals. Begin now!


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