Link Building Strategies for SEO and Rankings

Once you have engaging content, you need to make sure people will find it. Developing link-building strategies for SEO and rankings is a critical next step. One vector that search engines use for determining the value of content is whether other sites link to yours. The number of links and the reputation of the referring site help push your content up in value in the results pages. This was essentially the innovation of Google when it came out years ago – each link was essentially an endorsement or a vote for your content.

Of course, some clever folks figured out how to game these systems, and then the search engine companies adjusted their algorithms. This cycle continues, but you do not have to “game” anything if you just do what consumers and search engine companies want – provide engaging content that people love to share.

Yet, these backlinks are essential to robust link-building strategies for SEO and rankings. With a proactive program, you can foster the development of backlinks to your content, which will elevate your ranking in the search engines.

Now, engaging content should draw in the links on its own merits. While this is true, even a small amount of proactive link building can be hugely advantageous. Think of these like cultured pearls. You plant seeds in the form of links from third-party sources. The links help increase your ranking, drawing more traffic, which creates more links that are organic. The critical element always is to provide engaging content that people want to share — on both sides of the link-building program.

One reason our clients successfully improve their SEO and rankings is that we tailor their link-building strategies based on our experience knowing how to get backlinks, where to get them, and which sites are high quality references. Become one of our valued clients, and we will help you do so as well. Get more information today!

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