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Internet marketing research is the process of gathering data via the internet to evaluate how well a product or service is being received by consumers. The information provided by careful online market research and analysis can also identify popular trends that can assist a company in creating an effective strategy to market their products that will get better results. When used properly, online marketing research can be an effective tool that a company can use to experience higher revenues.

In addition to identifying potential areas for growth, research can assist an organization in learning more about its target consumers. Often this research process begins with keyword analysis. Keyword research provides insights on what words people use to find products and services online. When considered as a function of searcher “intent”, keyword analysis can lead to broader realizations of societal trends. Another popular component in market research is social listening, where social media networks are used to seek out your target customers and “listen” to their conversations, gaining powerful insight into how they talk about services and products. Social listening can also divulge what consumers are looking to know about certain products or services. This information can show insight into where it is best to distribute your content to reach potential customers most efficiently online.

By collecting and looking at this search and social data, Vertical Measures can help you determine just how people are getting to the products and services in your industry and how to get there before your competitor. We want to help give you the opportunity to get your compelling content where it should be to stop your customers in their tracks. Call us, or fill out our web form today to get started!

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