The Vertical Measures Approach

If you own or manage a website, you are in fact a publisher; a publisher of a consumable product called “information.” As such, searchers no longer look at websites as a place for a transaction, but they are seeking knowledge, resources, and ultimately the product or service they need. Marketing online is no longer about flashy graphics presentation, hip lingo and eloquent use of buzz-words; it is about the visitor’s experience on your website.

Sustained success requires the creation of a holistic strategy that guides consumers through engaging and efficient online experiences. How do you make a first-time visitor to your site or social media hub a lifetime advocate? Not only do we provide the services that you need to support these efforts, but we can also teach you our process. This approach sets us apart from any other internet marketing company.

8 Step ProcessSo what is the Vertical Measures approach?  It can be broken down into 8 steps:

Unlike services that have a start and an end, the above 8 steps are part of a dynamic, continuous process; a loop or a chain that involves planning, implementation, measuring, and adjustments. It’s an investment of time and resources and Vertical Measures will work with you every step of the way to find success. You’ll have access to our team of SEO, link building, social and content marketing professionals and their expertise to support this continuous effort through supplementary services or even by training your team.  As a Vertical Measures client, we encourage you not to “break the chain,” but commit to this ongoing effort. We’re in it for the long haul, and we hope you are too. Get started now!

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  "I have  been with Vertical Measures a little over one year, and I have definitely seen major improvements in my search traffic. They are a very professional and I highly recommend them."