Brynna Baldauf

Brynna Baldauf

SEO Specialist

As an SEO Specialist, Brynna works in developing the rank and reach of client websites by optimizing the on and off page aspects. She helps each client to balance the content and necessary snippets of code to create a well ranking and converting site which ultimately increases sales and traffic.

When not focusing on optimizing websites, Brynna is out exploring Arizona’s diverse landscapes as well as increasing her knowledge of local oenology, culinary arts, and photograph manipulation. She prefers Twitter to Facebook, podcasts to newspapers, and a responsive design to a separate redirected mobile site. She is always happy to discuss the Lord of the Rings and the proper canonical page to designate, so feel free to reach out to her!

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  "Compared with October 2007 which was a Google spending high for us, this month represented a 94% decrease in Google Adwords spending with only an 11% decrease in order volume. Good stuff. Obviously I attribute this to the work you've done…"