Intelligent Internet Marketing Internship Program

Here at Vertical Measures we pride ourselves on the fact that our employees are experts in their field, but we also know that in order to master your individual niche you must first have a solid foundation of education and understanding of the industry in its entirety. Our culture here is both collaborative and creative and our interns receive a rare behind the scenes “basic training” style introduction to the top secret and coveted SEO and internet marketing inner workings.

Is it difficult to get accepted into the “IIMI Program”?

The simple answer is …YES! We proudly offer the most exclusive Internet Marketing Internship in this hemisphere. We look for only candidates who have a burning desire to make it in the extremely competitive and always changing interactive marketing industry. Be prepared to face grueling group interviews and possible push-ups.

Trainees must demonstrate the ability to follow directions, pay careful attention to details, have a positive attitude, deliver on deadlines, and work well within teams. Showing up for your shift and going through the motions simply isn’t going to cut it.  You absolutely must play to WIN. You’ve got to be willing to share a bit of yourself, and your passion for the industry.

Do Interns get hired at Vertical Measures?

If you’ve done any research on us at all, you’ll know that we have been steadily growing for the last two years. But, please understand that there are no guarantees in life, and there are no guarantees here!  You’re coming here to learn, hone your skills and bump elbows (hopefully creating lasting relationships) with seasoned professionals.  Where else will you have first hand, genuine life experience that you can add to your resume, like this? If all that’s not enough for you, stop reading now. (Beware, this web page will self destruct on browser window closure.)

Will you help me get a job outside of Vertical Measures, too?

If you’re a stellar member of the Program and we can’t offer you a job, the best thing we can do is to help launch your career. We WILL assist with resumes, give recommendations, make calls, write letters, even personally introduce you to key players in the field, and absolutely everything that we can to help you get established. After all, once you’ve been initiated and proven yourself by making it through the IIEI Program you are then one of US. We take care of our own!

Is there any other compensation?

School Credit is offered but not required. In fact, we do pay minimum wage and we will work to accommodate your schedule whenever possible.  We understand you have classes, a job and in some cases, a family.   There isn’t a pre-determined amount of hours per week, but the overall program is 120 hours minimum. That having been said, those who put the most into their time in the IIMI Program will surely get the most out of it! You are often welcome to continue on after you’ve completed the basic 120 hours and gain more specialized skills while you wait for the perfect position to open up, finish school or look for another position elsewhere. We have an extensive library of books, e-books, and video tutorials that can be checked out or watched internally. Additionally, you’ll be invited to “Lunch and Learns”, marketing and SEO Phoenix networking opportunities such as Arizona Interactive Marketing Association, SEMPO, and many others we regularly support.

What are some tasks that an Intern should expect?

Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Online Public Relations, Online Reputation Management, Traditional Marketing, Article and Blog Post Writing and Editing, Email Marketing, Content Creation and Promotion and Sit-Ups.

Still interested? What to do next?

If you haven’t yet decided that we are a group of hard asses and egotists …and you think you’ve got what it takes to be an integral part of a growing enterprise on the cutting edge of the interactive marketing industry then email us now!


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