Hello, we’re Vertical Measures.

We are full-service Internet marketing agency based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Our purpose and passion is to help our clients drive profitable growth through content marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2006 by Arnie and Andi Kuenn, we are a group of 50-some digital enthusiasts who are passionate about content marketing and its ability to radically transform businesses.

Our approach is based on our proven success model, the 8 Step Process, that can work for businesses of any size, in any industry.

We understand the power of content marketing to transform your organization’s results if you let it transform your culture, and we are your partner every step of the way in driving real change, whether it’s through smart content creation, strategic SEO, or profit-driven PPC campaigns.

We are proud to call ourselves digital marketing leaders in our industry, and you’ll probably find one of our linchpins across the country or somewhere on the web teaching and educating people on how to find content marketing success.

What We Do

The businesses we work with look for a partner who will be with them every step of the way towards driving sustainable growth. Here’s a glimpse at our main offerings:

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Content Marketing

We believe the most cost effective digital strategy is content marketing. As leaders in the industry, we’re on the forefront of the strategies and processes that will transform your business.

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Search Engine Optimization

With a foundation rooted in SEO, we are technical optimization experts. Businesses work with us to take a deep dive into specific optimization strategies that guide all their digital efforts.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid advertising and content promotion is often the edge you need to get ahead of the competition. Our PPC team expertly manages your ads to not just generate revenue, but lower costs, too.

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Education and Training

We think of ourselves as teachers as well as marketers, and make education our priority. Enhance your own expertise with on demand training, on site workshops, and Content Coaching.

Do we sound like a good fit to help you reach your goals? Let’s talk about how we can partner.

Kind Words About our Agency

Marcus Sheridan

“Content Marketing and SEO can and should be a perfect marriage. Unfortunately, most agencies specialize in one and fall short in the other. Not Vertical Measures. Of all the thousands of marketing agencies that “offer” both of these services, I feel strongly that Vertical Measures is one of the few that is truly world-class in both. And that’s exactly why I use them for my clients as well.”

– Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

“Almost immediately when working with Vertical Measures, our front-end lead generation and marketing funnel was brought back to life. Because  here’s the thing: Vertical Measures: A) Knows what they’re doing, and B) It’s all measurable. These guys know exactly how much they’re spending, how much my cost-per-lead is; they have their analytics dialed in…I’m here to tell you that I completely endorse the skills and professionalism of Vertical Measures. Sign up with them today – you won’t be sorry!”

Josh Rhodes, President of The Rocket Company